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Premier League returns

I liked the look of this bet I just seen go up on SkyBet so have had the max it would let me on it - £27.50. I have no idea why I am limited to that amount as that’s the max I got on last time Dene highlighted one of their price boost specials but other punters here before and after me got £37.50 on - but any ways heads up if any of you like the look of this and however much you get on:

Must get my arse out of bed by 12noon 2moro for a piece of this as it looks juicy to me:

Hey guys I am not sure what’s good value when it comes to anytime goal scorers - is Harry Kane at Evens a fair bet?

I notice right now Bwin is best on OddsChecker @ 1/1.

Semi-tempted but just unsure what value I should be looking for with anytime Goal Scorer punts?

Well couldn’t decide on the above but broke a golden rule (as I often do) about not betting on your own teams…

So have this for Monday night - seemed an okay price to me considering Cabaye takes Palaces pens if he’s on the pitch.

Hope you win, Cabaye is in my dream team and I’m desperate for points.

Bollox - gotta take heart out of betting as it clouds judgement - was so sure Palace would pick up all 3 points with 5 mins to kick off I put £10 on Palace to win 2-0 and worse I put a £70 double on Palace and Patriots win double.

Ughhhhhh - now I am miserable so all in all lost about £100.

Even worse - while doing this post just had a phone call with even worse personal news. #Worse day in a very long time! :cry:

Shit Noel - that doesn’t sound good. Puts money into perspective when you hear bad things. Try to keep your chin up pal.