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Predict the pick

At this time of the year we do a competition around predicting the NFL draft picks which take place next week Thursday night.

I have set up a group it’s. A winner takes all prize

£10 entrance fee

Group name

Predict the pick uk

Password outsiders68

If your having trouble finding email me direct


To pay by PayPal karinaconnors@hotmail.co.uk

I’m in. Look forward to taking all you losers down again this year!

i want to reclaim my crown

Did you win Sean?

Year one yes year two al

All signed up, payment just sent. Cheers Sean

Signed up, seems to have duplicated my entry. Hopefully can delete one of teams or ignore. Thanks Sean

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Leave group and both entries disappear. Join and both are included.

Strange issue

that also happened to me as well. but when i rejoined only 1 appeared,

‘Colin’ from NFL com has explained. Entries are shown twice once at top and once within ranking. Apologies for any confusion.

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