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I used to think of it as similar to the training lap in a formula one race, check everything is potentially running ok do a shake or two and start to focus about what’s ahead. with FF I guess it’s a good time to refamiliarise who’s where and a quick look at rookies before draft day. with HOF game imminent what are your thoughts on these games? honestly I wish they’d cut two and add to the season instead, a rookie can run for 50 yards on ten carries but so what? It’s probably against a 3rd team D.

Hi Shani!
I watch whatever I can of the pre season games. I tend to have rated all the players a little on the high side at the moment - rookies I have rated based on potential, and veterans I have rated based on the last couple of years. So when I watch these games, what usually happens is I downgrade some players or even drop them off the list altogether.
I very rarely increase my projections on aplayer based on pre season - there is always an exception like Julius Thomas a couple of years ago I guess - as it is easy to look good when you are playing against weakended opponents who are not giving it 100%

Pre season leads to great fantasy riches
Many times I’ve spotted something during a game made a note about it then either waited to see or acted on it.
An example is Alfred Morris saw his preseason work and said in his rookie year get all over that kid in the drafts.
He was not expected to have the impact he did.
So preseason is very useful…

I agree however if I was playing in a shallow league I would not bother too much. Because I play in 2 deep to very deep leagues it will certainly be useful. Especially in monitoring the transition of rookies from college to combine to pre season.

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