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Pre-Season Week 1

I totally forgot the first pre-season games were tonight, assumed it was this weekend.

Cowboys @ Chargers! Packers @ Pats! Football’s back - fuckin’ A!

Hey, what about RGIII versus Johnny Football!!!

Yeah, that should be pretty amusing :smile:

Kirk Cousins v Josh McCown more like!

Crappy pre season games but it’s still great to have football back :smile:

This is the time to watch your ‘sleepers’ and team’s third and fourth RBs he he

Don’t ever remember seeing RGIII having that much time in the pocket - I’m very happy with that.
Too many Redskins injuries on the night though … we really don’t have any TEs left :sleepy:

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OMG The Saints have the same “snatch defeat from jaws of victory” mindset that they had last season…