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Pre-season NFL (Betting)

I know betting Pre-Season NFL is not a serious opportunity to gamble. However I just noticed that PP have made the Redskins and Bills their Powerplay double for today. It pays 7/2 on what looks like a 5/2 punt, worth an interest if you’re that way inclined - good luck if anyone is following me in

Dean, I must be blind but I can’t seem to find that at PP. If you have a link I’d appreciate it. Cheers

On their website, on the left-hand side see A-Z, scroll down to Power Play then follow the link. They have a few decent offers, although quite a few are duds.

Worth a few quid at 7/2 me thinks


Cheers fella, I got it now

Thanks for the tip Dean - got a nice return on a tenner :+1:

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Couple of very close games which fortunately went our way. The Power Play is worth keeping an eye on, they have a few tasty offers at times, although a lot of their ‘offers’ are not so good, so you need to be selective.

It was good to see Johnny Football slinging some decent passes last night.

A 7/2 winner, tipped very clearly well in advance… the question is, did Noel get on?

Cheers Jon, question is…did you get on😃

Nahhh… didn’t fancy the Redskins chances so I kept my powder dry.

Okay Jon, here’s one you may fancy… rugby league with Bet Fred. Leeds & Wigan both to win tonight @7/4

Leeds are completely unstoppable at the moment, it’s not even a contest!

Looks great - I would rate the double about an Even Money shot so 7/4 is worth a look! Will @bluelionman see this thread in time?!

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Well played Dean, did not get on personally but good to see tips coming in

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Nope - don’t get to look at my phone much at work alas £35 treble on footie today not looking on at half time only 1 of 3 winning.