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PPR Money League (20GBP)

Hi all

I set up a small money league which I’m trying to get back off the ground again this year.

It all went well last year so I’m going to try to give it another go. I’ve emailed the existing owners but am going to leave it open to new owners as well on a first-come-first-served basis to ensure we get numbers.

This year I plan to make one tweak to the scoring - for it to be a PPR league, with 1 point per reception, but otherwise with standard scoring. I’ve never done PPR but very keen to give it a go this year.

Site: NFL.com
Teams: 10 (would stretch to more if sufficient interest)
Scoring: PPR
League Fees: 20GBP
Payouts: 1st place: 150GBP, 2nd place 50GBP (assuming 10 teams, would be adjusted upwards if get more teams)

If you’re interested in playing post either here or on the NFLUK thread:


Once we’ve filled up, payment will then need to be made to me by PayPal before the draft, which I’m planning to do on the evening of Friday 28 August (pending people’s availability).

Any questions let me know.

As you have been good enough to join ours let me join yours yours…

I’m interested

Great stuff, Sean - have added you to the list. Do you have an NFLUK username?

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Crimson45 is my username

Great, thanks. Could you also PM me your email address so I can send you an invite once we’ve filled the slots?

Currently have 7 people confirmed, so at least 3 more spaces and if there’s enough interest would be happy to make it a 12 team league.

Any idea when the draft is planned ???

Hi dean - currently have it scheduled for 9pm on Friday 28 August, but can move it around if needs be.

Let me know if you want in! Already have 8 spots filled.

Yes okay, I should be revising that night :grinning: but I like the comment Sean made, you were good enough to join us so I’ll support you too. Please sign me up

Thanks dean - appreciate it!

We’ve now got a round 10 people who have said they’re in - I’ll send out NFL.com invites and payment instructions shortly (hopefully by end of Monday) - I’ll post on here once I’ve sent them out.


What are you studying by the way?

Analysing players for the live draft, with 16 teams there’s a lot of studying to be done

Haha I see - maybe you could consider this part of your revision!

Sean/Dean - joining / payment instructions should now have been emailed to you this morning. Grateful if you could have a read and follow the steps so we can get this league ready to go ahead of the draft.


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Read it and joined will sort money out in due coarse

all done - see you on Draft Day

Hi there,
I posted on the league board but might as well post the same here,

Can we exchange draft positions with other owners?

Because if we can, I´ll be interested to exchange my spot #2 for a later one.

Hi David - I hadn’t explicitly thought about it but if you can find anyone else who wants to swap spots with you then I’m happy to process a swap.

Hi David - I hadn’t explicitly thought about it but if you can find anyone else who wants to swap spots with you then I’m happy to process a swap.

James Taylor


So, is anyone interested in swapping spots with me, I have the #2 pick, I´d like to swap it, ideally for one in the 8-12 range but would consider anything.

Draft Night :smile:

Just on my way to watch my son in a mini cricket tournament - I should be back for the draft at 9pm

Good stuff Dean - see you at 9pm!

My first draft of the year - looking forward to it!