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Possible new Dynasty League/bestball etc drafting on discord

If you want to register interest leave your name below. Also what sort of dynasty league would suit? Probably needs to be a different challenge to the other two

I’m interested, would like a less complicated format to be honest but I’m up for most ideas

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How about a 10-12 team, 2QB (or Superflex) 0.5PPR
Could go no separate Rookie/Vet draft.
No contracts
Maybe 23 man roster
Only draft 20 rounds or so , so you can use FAB to bid on a larger pool of players

Just chucking ideas out there

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I’d be possibly interested depending on format and entry. What about SuperFlex/2QB?

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What I was thinking of organising is a 32 team league, which uses the real world nfl fixture schedule including bye weeks and January playoffs. Probably two separate 16 team drafts to populate (one per conference) Needs a bit of thought yet, but I had in mind that it would be redraft and best ball. One for 2019 unless someone has the time to take it forward

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Yeah a super flex league is interesting

The Fun League is going to be run as a Superflex this year - not sure if there will be many spaces though,last year 13 out of 14 managers stayed in the league. Obviously any spaces will be advertised here and on discord first

I also posted this set up for a league a couple of years back but didn’t get enough takers. Anyone wants to copy any of it to get a league set up quickly, it’s fine by me!


I am interested, very.
Format, I like bestball and also a superflex

So a consensus seems to be a 2qb (superflex) Dynasty? league with mixed rookies/vets draft. 0.5 ppr. Dan mentioned using Flea Flicker, could be a good opportunity to test out the site.They are open all year around.

So who is up for this league?
2qb (superflex) Dynasty? league with mixed rookies/vets draft. 0.5 ppr.

Count me in!

  • PPR RB/WR 1.5 Te’s 2.5
  • Non PPR
  • 0.5ppr
  • 1pt PPR
  • Super bingo drafting everyone has 2 balls in the first 2 rounds drawn at random. fun
  • Auction, you can get anyone then
  • Normal snake draft
  • £15
  • £20/25
  • £40
  • Any of the above amounts
  • dynasty
  • bestball
  • redraft
  • 2 qb superflex work rosters out later
  • 1qb 2 RBS 2 wr 1 te 1 flex k defense
  • no defense
  • no kickers
  • 1 qb 2 Rb 3 wrs 2 te 2 flex k def
  • 1 QB 2 Rb 2 wrs 1 te 2 flex k def

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Tick all the options you like/wouldn’t mind

Hey guys, if there is any spaces for this league please let me no! I’m open to all options, just looking for a competitive league.


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Hi @YellowMoney

Yeah just vote on your favourite options above on the type of league etc, When all the votes are in and the type of league is decided you are more than welcome to sign up like anyone else. You can chose as many options as you like



I’m only interested if it’s super bingo!

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It has 5 votes so looks like it may happen. Maybe drawn live on Skype

Yes interested

Ok 4 new leagues coming before the start of the season. We do start a separate signup/djscussion page for each one

League 1
David is working on his super-flex masterpiece and will provide more details over the next few days.

League 2
Bingo drafting bestball league. You’ll get 2 bingo balls every 2 rounds and the bingo ball will decide where those 2 picks. £20 most likely 45 seconds per pick

League 3 10-12 Team Dynasty
This will be a slow draft on discord, 8 hours per pick. I will throw it over to people on fleaflicker if we don’t fill it on here. It’s only going to be 10-12 teams and it’s full point ppr. It’ll be flexible with who you play and will be a vet/rookie draft combined so again different.

League 4 Auction League - Details to follow later. We will probably vote on rosters, scoring etc.