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Any recommendations? I like the official NFL ones like Around The NFL & Inside The Huddle, I also like the fun ones like X’s & Y’s and Dave Dameshek.

I would have normally have included ‘The Gridiron Show’ (formally Gridiron Gents) but their latest Podcast was so bad almost creepy, “Oh what a wonderful wedding I attended last month” Their first 14 minutes today is possibly the worst NFL Podcast I’ve ever listened to, I hope it’s a blip.

I really enjoy the Americarnage podcast - always a good laugh

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I usually find the piffle paffle at the beginning of podcasts just nonsense, I want to listen to experts and let them expand my knowledge so I would have to suggest “the coaches show” which is available through the season only I believe. That said if I’m travelling I listen to most from the NFL list.

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Americarnage has always been the best I think (and the spin-off C4 NFL podcast that happens during the season). I haven’t listened to many football podcasts for the last few months though, been a bit caught up with a new job, travel, off-season, etc (although I really should be keeping on top of the fantasy draft speculation more this year).

Dameshek is really good for having guests on, often pretty big players. The First Take UK podcast was pretty good (admittedly I haven’t listened to it lately). I’ve subscribed to Inside The Huddle but it’s the one podcast I’ve never managed to get into, I just can’t handle the presenters that much (Mr Reynolds & Reinbold). Gridiron Gents was great a year ago, but towards the end of the last season it managed to go downhill quite suddenly - a mixture of poor audio quality, too many people talking, going off-topic (but not in an entertaining way like Americarnage).

The selection’s kind of limited. To be honest, Noel/Sean should probably host one! (Sean’s half doing that now!)

I think the idea of doing our own podcast is really cool, I dont think its as simple as it might seem however as it takes a bit of structure to deliver a decent podcast that’s entertaining to listen to and not just random people blasting over each other.

I don’t know if it counts as a pod cast as it’s a live show - but can be listened back to and often is with me as I’m busy, out or still in bed (I know but I’m a night owl) - and that’s Mark Teece’s Zone Coverage show:

Zone Coverage Football Show

I listen to several of the same ones you guys do. I will have to give Americarnage another go. I listened to it once a while back, and it didn’t grab me, but I see a few of you rate it highly and I have heard similar elsewhere.

Some others: “The Aussie Guys” - a take on NFL from some fans down under. Normally an hour once a week, but just lately they have been inviting a fan of each team on to contribute to a short (20 mins) preview of that team for the season. “DLF Dynasty Podcast” and “Under the Helmet” - both quite dry and fact based chat about dynasty fantasy football. Just started listening to “The Fantasy Footballers” - does what it says on the tin, only heard a couple of episodes so far.

Not listened to it yet but here is another I heard about on the Eisen show…


Ross Tucker does a few different podcasts - I find him a bit annoying at times, but one of his podcasts “Fantasy Feast - Eating” has Evan Silva from Rotoworld as a regular co host and had some good fantasy content

Cool - that sounds useful Jon

Ross tucker has some decent guests on.
Move the sticks is a great pod. Also team wise I can recommend the inside the jungle (Bengals) the terrible podcast (steelers) packers talk, bolts talk, talkin cowboys to name a few.

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