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Players needed for PPR Superflex (2QB) Fantasy League - £50 entry

Hi everyone,

After playing fantasy football for a year or two, I was looking to try a 2QB (superflex) league but couldn’t find one. So decided to set up my own.

Introducing - The League of Ordinary Gentlemen UK (LOGUK)

We’ll be playing on NFL.com, with a £50 entry fee. It’s a 2QB PPR (1 point) League, with 10 teams maximum. The roster is as follows:

1 x QB
2 x RB
2 x WR
1 x TE
1 x Superflex (QB, RB, WR or TE)
1 x DF
1 x K
6 x Bench

Playoffs will be weeks 15 & 16 for the top 4 teams. Prize breakdown:

Overall superbowl winner - £300
Superbowl loser (2nd overall) - £100
Regular season winner - £50
Highest regular season week score - £50

The draft will take place at 9pm (UK time) on Sunday 23rd August 2015. Online snake draft with a time limit of 60 seconds per pick, so guaranteed to be finished by 10.30pm. I’ll think up a fun random competition to decide the draft order. (I’m thinking something along the lines of each player being randomly allocated a horse in a 10 horse race. 1st place gets 1st selection of draft position, 2nd place gets 2nd selection of draft position, and so on)

I’m looking for active, committed players who like to chat, trade, etc.

If you’re interested, PM me. First come first served. Your spot in the league will only be confirmed (below) once payment is received.

Payment via paypal or direct bank transfer. We won’t use League Safe due to fees, but if you’re nervous about giving your money to a stranger, I’ll give you my mobile number and other personal details as a
guarantee. Happy to have a chat to prove I’m a normal guy who isn’t going to run off with your money!

Looking forward to a fun season!


Confirmed teams:

  1. Ian
  2. Jonathan
  3. David
  4. Dean
  5. Ben
  6. Neil
  7. Sarah
  8. Adam
  9. Ben
  10. Andy


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Sounds like a fun idea, for the first time in my life I’d be trying to find a horse that finishes midfield!!

Can you tell us a little more about you please (a few scary stories doing the rounds of a few winners of leagues not getting paid out).

Hi Dean,

I’d be in the same boat! Hoping my horse finishes around 7th!!

Sure, no problem. I’ve been reading the story on the NFLUK Forum about the guy who hasn’t paid out and owes quite a bit, so understand people are a bit nervous.

I’ve been following the NFL for a few years now, but only really discovered NFL Fantasy in the last year or two. Had a great time last year playing in the jellybeans fantasy league (run by jrt5555 on NFLUK Forum), but decided I wanted to try a superflex league for slightly higher stakes.

I support the Texans as my Aunt, Uncle and cousins live just outside Houston. I myself live in Epsom, Surrey, and work in central London. I’m a bit of a sports obsessive, and therefore love playing fantasy to make things more interesting.

As I said in the original post, I’m happy to give you my mobile number if you want to chat and make sure I’m a real person. Or I can add you on Facebook. And if you’re still not fully confident, I can give you a home or work address so you know where to find me. I’m just looking to run a fun, competitive league with prize incentives.

If you fancy it, let me know and I’ll put your name down :smile:

Sounds good, please reverse a spot for me, if you PM details I’ll get the payment made.

Are you attending the get together in Redhill? I’m there on Sunday day/night.

Great stuff. PM sent.

Unfortunately I’m at a wedding in Italy that weekend. Shame as Redhill is very close to me. Will be keen to get involved next year though.

Only 5 spots remaining now.

Still spaces available. As soon as we have 10, we’ll set the process for deciding draft order.

Only 4 spots left now with Neil just signing up. If anyone is keen, let me know quick before the league fills up.

3 spots left. Nearly there!

Sarah has joined and another is on the way, so filling up fast. Don’t delay if you want to join!

Hey Ian, I’d be up for joining this league, I don’t want to join too many this season but I’d like to try out PPR and connect a few more people to the site :smile:

I’m also a Texans supporter, so it’ll be good to find another!

I’m looking for another league to join but the only problem is I’m flying to Cyprus on the draft day for a week. If the draft slot can be moved to the week before for example I would join. Hope this can be done but if not I understand.

Neonadam is on board.

Sorry otleyroad but I’m not able to move the date of the draft now the league is almost full.

My chances of drafting the JJ Watt/Clowney ‘D’ as I did in the Auction game is now practically zero

Any news on the draft order?

Hopefully we can sort the draft order process this weekend. Once we get the remaining 2 people onboard I’ll send round details of how it will work.

Ok Ian no problem with that, if you change your mind let me know.
Can anyone point me in the direction of another league that’s available?
The live pub draft is not an option as I’m on holiday but would try to make that next year.

Otley - If you have a look on the Betfair NFL forum there’s tends to be several new and existing games (Usually about £25 x 12 team leagues). I can vouch for the games run by ‘Orioels’ I’ve been paid out quickly whenever I’ve cashed in the games I’ve been successful in.

9th player just about confirmed. Just looking for one more person. Anyone want the last spot?!

Looking forward to this 10 man league. Did a few mock drafts today, and the 10 man leagues are like being a kid in a candy shop - only at the very last pick do you even start hitting remotely mediocre players. In our regular 16 man league you’re really reaching by the 10th pick and don’t get to have half as many star players :disappointed: (although that depth is rewarding too)

Having 10 players certainly means there’s more big names around to grab.

Going to be really interesting seeing the draft strategies, with the super flex making the QB position much more valuable, and 1PPR enhancing the WRs. RB isn’t necessarily the position to go for first.