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Phil Steele Pro & Fantasy Guide 2015

I don’t know whether this should go in this category, but I thought it is a better fit under ‘Fantasy Sports’.

The High Stakes bookshop is now taking orders for Phil Steele’s Pro and Fantasy Guide 2015.

The owner has been shipping these and the college guides for the past 2 years after Comag stopped importing them over here.

He has been importing Marc Lawrence’s Playbook guide for me for 5 years or more and is a good guy to deal with.

The link to the page is here:


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Excuse my ignorance but I’ve never heard of Phil Steele - doh! :neutral_face:

You must have. I’ve emailed you about the College Guide competition I’ve set up and you promoted it on here lol.

My memory is crap to be fair - you seen the live draft video from last year as an example of this…