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Peyton Manning - the kind of guy you always thought he was

I thought I would share this story I just came across in an NFL Facebook group… would like to think its bona-fide.

YOU WANNA KNOW … what kind of guy Peyton Manning is?

23-year-old Bronco’s practice-squad receiver Jordan Taylor (who still has yet to catch a single pass in the NFL), didn’t own a suit to wear on the team bus to the Super Bowl, so he asked Peyton if he had an old suit or sports jacket he could borrow.

While Manning was rehabbing from a foot injury during the regular season, he turned to Taylor to be his warm-up partner, texting him for morning workouts and having Taylor run endless routes for him, so he could get back in shape. Peyton knew one of his suits wouldn’t fit Taylor (Peyton’s 20lbs heavier). So, the day after Jordan asked, Peyton’s tailor showed up in the locker room to take Jordan’s measurements for a custom-made suit. Here’s Jordan in his first ever suit that didn’t come from off the rack. #goodguy

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It’s a nice story, but I think it’s the least Peyton could do!

Jordan paid him in HGH

PM is a classy dude

Hmmm more manning: