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I don’t have the hardware or skills but just wondered as many of us are meeting up Saturday night for the wild card games if there was the opportunity to film or record something we could load up here next day (or on the night from location) - maybe our thoughts on the season - our look ahead to the nights games, introducing ourselves as TFP members on a TFP night out / get together - I can show off my squares game grids and who knows what. We could each speak about any bets we have placed on the nights games and why we have done them. I don’t know really but think this is an opportunity to be grasped…thoughts?

Being a Saturday and I always wanted to be a talker, pod caster or whatever don’t mind coming up earlier if someone wanted to film/record or set something up while it’s quieter - just a thought - I will bring along some TFP business cards also (but I defo didn’t end up with the most last Super Bash - so who did take the box of them)?

Lets do this!

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I like the idea dude, could be fun if we all get involved but also tricky. I think people would need a couple of drinks first and then where do you do it with the noise inside the bar. People seem to be making movies with only iphones these days so if one of us has an iphone 6 (not I) that may be enough for a first squirt?