Originals Draft Day prep

Morning all !

Hope everyone’s well… we are just a few weeks from the draft day, so it’s time I send out some info. Anything I’ve forgotten to cover, feel free to ask.

And I have two pieces of information I need from you, so please read till the end!

The Draft

The draft will be back at our regular location of The Hampshire Suite, in the Ibis Southampton Centre hotel.

The draft room is available from 11:00, so I will be there from then, getting things set up for the day. Feel free to rock up as soon as you want, but can I ask you to be there by 12:00 please (and when I say ‘you’, I mean ‘Adam’…!). There’ll be the usual bit of housekeeping, but I’d like us to be making the 1.01 pick by 12:30 at the latest.

We’ll draft 15 rounds, in 5 blocks of 3.

The draft will have a third-round reversal like last year. So whoever drafts last in round 1, will draft first in both rounds 2 and 3.

After round 3, there’ll be a half hour break to let folks grab food from the McDonald’s near the hotel. After rounds 6, 9 and 12, a shorter break.


I know a few of you will be rocking up on the Friday night. Happy to meet up for a few beers, a bite to eat, and some cagey pre-draft chat. Probably meet at the Duke of Wellington, same place as 2021, but I won’t book any where to eat, we can just wing it on the night once we know numbers.

Saturday, the draft should be done by 5:00 / 5:15 – so as usual, most of us will slope off to the Scholars’ Arms to discuss where we went wrong, plus watch the day’s late Premier League game (Brighton v Newcastle I believe).

After that, a bite to eat at a local restaurant (probably Chinese). This is the one bit of the social that I’ll have to reserve in advance, so please let me know if you’ll be joining us for this (plus, I think Dan A. and Sean are bringing wingmen to the draft, so let me know about them too!)

Ben is ultra keen and will be hitting Southampton on the Thursday! I’ll join you for a welcome-to-Hampshire beer, mate , but won’t be able to make a big night of it.


Most managers are signed into the league on the Sleeper app. If you’re not, let me know and I can re-send a link.

All managers start with $200 waiver budget, for making in-season player pick-ups. This waiver budget will also be used to set the draft order, in advance of draft day.

Please send me a private message with a bid of $0 to $200 (whole dollars only). The manager with the highest bid gets first choice of draft spot, next highest has second choice etc (two or more managers with the same bid will draw lots for priority). Each team will then have the amount of their bid deducted from their $200 points, to leave their remaining budget for the season.

(as soon as the first person sends me their bid, I will let them know mine, so I won’t be accused of setting my bid once I have seen everyone else’s!)

After the Draft

First thing to say, is no changes to team rosters for 24 hours after the draft finishes. We need people to be able to be able enjoy the Saturday socialising without worrying that they’re missing out on free agents. Don’t worry, there’ll still be plenty of time to try to repair your awful draft choices before Week 1 kicks off…

Once we are off and running, it’s a 14 week regular season, after which 8 teams will make the playoffs (seeded on Win-Loss record, with points scored as a tie breaker if needed).

In the Week 15 Quarter Final, the number 1 seed will choose their opponent from the other 7 playoff qualifiers. Then the other six playoff qualifiers will be paired off automatically, highest remaining seed plays lowest remaining seed, second highest plays second lowest etc.

Week 16 is the Semi Final and Week 17 the Grand Final.

Winner – £1,000 prize

Runner Up – £300 prize

Losing Semi Finalists - £125 X two people

Highest Weekly score in Weeks 1 to 14 – £125

Most Total points scored across weeks 1 to 14 - £125


So, two things I need to know from you.

1: Are you coming to the Saturday evening meal?

2: What is your bid amount for draft spot?

Could you let me have both answers by Wednesday 23 August please?

Hi Jon and everyone.
As you may know, there is a rail strike on the 2nd Sept - and I imagine a few of us (certainly three that I know of) are planning on coming by train. Timetables have not been published yet, but if a similar strike on a Saturday has set a precedent, the last train out of Southampton will leave at 5.00. Would folks have any objection to maybe starting at 12.00 rather than 12.30 if possible? Obviously if there are later trains scheduled then this won’t apply but I just wanted to see if it’s ok for everyone for an earlier start.

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Fine by me

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Fine by me too. I’m guessing you won’t know full strike details until a week before which is a nuisance!

Possibly, but as the Saturday before (26th Aug) is also a strike day, might get an idea of what the temporary timetable will be for the 2nd Sep - presumably it will be the same.

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Yeah that’s gonna f me up to - already booked my ticket down not sure if that train be affected but was gonna be on the 10:30pm back to Clapham with Toby. I know he’s booked that one - I hadn’t got around to booking it as missed the cheapest early advanced prices and thought price would pretty much stay same now until night before so was gonna pull trigger between now and then until I heard the strikes announced for that Saturday.

Did not want to have to drive as don’t wanna drink and drive plus do want to drink - be a bugger having to forgo the socialising - again because of these impending strikes makes it very hard to commit to the nights festivities/meal right now.

@JonCartwright I’ve had a look online but can’t find any reliable info - so local knowledge is needed - is there any establishments open 24hrs in Southampton like cafes, bars, pubs, hotel bars etc., or at least to silly O’clock next morning as could pull an all nighter and book early train of a Sunday morning - when stikes over - but alas seems firsts one’s being a Sunday are not till 7-7:30am ish and sadly not direct (1 change) back to Gatwick.

Trying to figure out a way to do the full day/nights fun and not let these strikes spoil that.

Also I am gonna be so knackered / hung over or both won’t be ready to look at fantasy at all the Sunday so any chance of not opening Free Agency for 48hrs after draft?
Am sure whatever time I finally roll in on Sunday I will sleep like 12hrs and then wake up with one hell of a hangover!
Perhaps open Free Agency from 12pm, 6pm or 8pm etc., on the Monday rather than the Sunday -unless all Free Agency players will be on waivers to start off with, in which case that would work as waivers would not run for a day or so post draft, right?

Noel - not really many 24 hour options here. Best I can think of is that the General Hospital is open 24 hours, so cafes in there e.g. Costa Coffee will also be open 24 hours. Actually in the city centre, I reckon not.

If people are getting screwed over getting home from the draft, no issue with stopping player pickups until the Monday. Will have to play it by ear as we find out just which services are running…

Trying to check for b and b options centrally - cheapest I can see in the city centre is Circle Guest House at £85 - in case staying over is an option

I did look into that last night Jon and was shocked by the prices on that Saturday - like £200 for a Travelodge I would expect to be £35-£60. :astonished:

So I was like nah - hence the what’s open 24/7 idea.

there’s a national express coach to London Victoria leaving Southampton at 22.20 if that’s of any use - £19.80 advance (non-refundable) or £30.80 (fully refundable up to 24 hours before departure).

Thanks Andy - Though I’d still have to get home from there then and be buggered - a NE coach to Gatwick would be better but usually to airports there very costly - like a premium think because travellers know no better or foreigners just pay it thinking that’s the true cost.

Next morning at 7:30am Sunday there’s a train with really cheap advance tickets still available back to Gatwick on Southern via Barnham but it’s what to do all night - can’t believe Southampton don’t have like 24hr bars whether in hotels or a casino - starting to seem more like a town than a city, but then again my local town (Redhill) had a 24hr McDonalds before the pandemic and it’s never gone back to being 24hrs since despite Covid being over. A lot of other businesses seem to have reduced hours to in the pandemic like banks and eateries but stayed at reduced hours - Kebab shop in same town before pandemic was midnight or 1am close but now is 10:30pm close. :frowning_face: Sucks!

Oh I hadn’t even thought of a casino - chrck out the Grosvenor that is walking distance and may be 24 hours?

Bit of an appetiser… all time stats after 9 seasons

Sean most wins all time - Ben last but will hopefully move up a few places after a second season!!

South West Rail have finally published their amended timetable for 26th August (and therefore hopefully the 2nd Sept, as it’s the same dispute) - last train out of Southampton is 17.45 so not quite as tight for time as it might have been. Meal is out though!

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Toby will also need to dash after the draft for the same reason - so I will encourage people to arrive early so we can start a little earlier

All bids made - thanks. Oxford Dan is first to choose his draft slot…

The only tie was a three-way one at the bottom. I will contact Shani / Al / George about a tiebreaker, but for now those at the top can start choosing!

a : Dan A : Bid made : 133 : Draft slot chosen : 7
b : Sam : Bid made : 101 : Draft slot chosen : 13
c : Andy : Bid made : 77 : Draft slot chosen : 12
d : Karl : Bid made : 75 : Draft slot chosen : 14
e : Adam : Bid made : 64 : Draft slot chosen : 10
f : Sean : Bid made : 60 : Draft slot chosen : 15
g : Dan N : Bid made : 51 : Draft slot chosen : 11
h : Noel : Bid made : 49 : Draft slot chosen : 1
i : Ian : Bid made : 44 : Draft slot chosen : 16
j : Toby : Bid made : 39 : Draft slot chosen : 2
k : Me : Bid made : 14 : Draft slot chosen : 8
l : Jordan : Bid made : 13 : Draft slot chosen : 9
m : Shacko : Bid made : 10 : Draft slot chosen : 5

tbc : Shani : Bid made : 0 : Draft slot chosen : 3
tbc : Al : Bid made : 0 : Draft slot chosen : 4
tbc : George : Bid made : 0 : Draft slot chosen : 6

Is there a more up to date sheet, as I just looked at the one posted and notice some errors.

Like Jane and Keiran are listed as playing once each in different years when my memory tells me they played in the same season whichever one that was.

Also Toby is listed as 2012 Champion when it was last year 2022 he won, so a typo for sure.

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Yeah thanks for checking, Noel, I definitely need to give that list a tidy up, when I add in this year’s results in a few weeks time - appreciate you posting these corrections :+1:

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