Originals 2024

Looking forward to a new draft venue this year, and seeing what @grecian2010 has lined up for us in Newcastle.
For now, an updated version of the all-time stats

  • where there have been co-managers of a team, I’ve had to assign a ‘lead’ manager, to save the maths getting too complicated
  • I only keep track of playoff games where the title is at stake. If you’ve won a toilet bowl or a third/fourth place play off, keep it to yourself
  • 10 different champions in 10 seasons! Surely we will eventually get a repeat winner…?
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I hope not - well not until I have won one!

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Hi all

I have now confirmed the venue for the 2024 live draft, in Newcastle:
City Tavern
10 Northumberland Road
Date: Saturday 31st August 2024

I’ll post the list of confirmed players at a later date.

Meanwhile, this is my current understanding of the waiting list - if anyone else would like adding, please let me know!!

Kieron Connors
Al Zreik
Drew Johnstone
Javier Aparicio
Robert McGregor
Paul Bedford
Gary Johnson
Dean Poole
Daniel Carr

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I will post some further information here in due course, on rules, etc.


Great to see this is still going, good luck this year guys.

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