Originals 2023

A little news up front… this will be the last year (for now) of me being commissioner of the Originals. It’ll be my seventh year so I’m due a rest, but I am also aware I have a few events coming up in 2024 which will keep me busy – so I want the league to be run by someone who can give it their full attention!

I’m not averse to the idea of picking back up as commish again, after a couple of years off, but hopefully someone will step up to run this great league for a little while. Get in touch!


Right then.

To any of our returning players from last year - welcome back! To any new players - welcome!

This is now the main league thread for the 2023 version of the Originals League - the tenth year of TFP’s original fantasy league with its live in-person draft day.

The roll of honour so far is:

2014 – Chris Parkes
2015 – Dean Poole
2016 – Robert McGregor
2017 – Chris Jennings
2018 – Jon Cartwright
2019 – Javier Aparicio
2020 – Sean Connors
2021 – Shani Senaratne
2022 – Toby Nash

Nine years and nine winners – will 2023 finally be the year that someone is able to repeat…?

The draft will take place on Saturday September 2nd. The draft will be in the Hampshire Suite of the IBIS Hotel Southampton – back to the venue which hosted us in 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2021.

Rule changes.

Based on some league wide votes last season, we are adding an IR slot to the rosters starting from this year.

We have also voted to keep the 3rd round reversal that we tried out for the first time in last year’s draft.

We will also be bidding for draft spots in the run up to draft day, rather than on draft day itself – we tried that last year and a lot of people were happy with being able to get in a couple of day’s draft prep knowing their draft spot.

Apart from that, the league set up should be as in previous years


From the date of this post until the end of April, the league is open only to returning managers from the 2022 season.

If you weren’t in the league in 2022 but are keen to play, drop me a line and I will add you to the waiting list below – once we hit the end of April I will offer any free spaces to those on the waiting list, before opening entries up to all-comers!

The cost of league entry will remain at £125, the same as the last few years. You are signed into the league only when you have paid!

This is a live draft league – due to some last minute circumstances we had two managers drafting on-line last year, but preference is absolutely given to managers who can be at the draft day in person.



Here is the list of managers who are confirmed for the 2023 league. Once people have signed up, and paid up, I will add their names onto the list.

Jon Cartwright
Ian Wray
Al Roberts
Noel Symonds
Sam Devereux
Jordan Allaway
Dan Nichols
Sean Connors and his sidekick Kieron
Ben Shackelton
Karl Bailey
Adam Philbin
Andy Smith
Toby Nash
Shani Senaratne
Dan Abrey and possibly the mysterious “Olly”
George Bellhouse-Edwards


Al Zreik
Drew Johnstone
Javier Aparicio
Kieron Connors
Robert McGregor
Paul Bedford
Gary Johnson


League Rules and Regulations


£125 entry fee

The cost of the room hire, plus any other odds and ends needed for set up usually come to about £200 ish - everything else will go to prizes.

The exact prizes will depend on how many managers join the league, and will be confirmed here in good time well before the season. If we get a full complement of 16 like the last few seasons, the first prize will once again be a cool £1,000!

The majority of the prize fund will go to the winners and runners up, with a few smaller prizes on offer to keep everyone in with a chance of getting something back.

League Set Up

There will be a 14 week regular season. At the end of that time, the top 8 teams will reach the playoffs (teams are ranked on number of wins - where two or more teams are level, total points scored is the tiebreaker).

For week 15, the number 1 seed will choose their opponent from the other 7 playoff qualifiers. Then the other six playoff qualifiers will be paired off automatically (highest remaining seed plays lowest remaining seed, second highest plays second lowest etc)

The roster will be : QB, 2RBs, 2WRs, 1TE, 1DEF, 1K, 1 Flex RB/WR/TE, 6 bench spots, 1 IR spot.

Scoring will be the same as previous seasons (broadly NFL standard, though without PPR scoring, and with points for individual players for any punt return and kick-off return TDs)


We will continue to use WAB (Waiver Acquisition Budget) for making in-season player pick-ups. All managers will have 200 waiver points for the season, and 3 ways they can use them:

In the run up to draft day, each manager will submit a private bid of 0 to 200 points. The manager with the highest bid gets first choice of draft spot, next highest has second choice etc (two or more managers with the same bid will draw lots for priority). Each team will then have the amount of their bid deducted from their 200 points, to leave their remaining budget for the season

During weekly waivers all managers can use any or all of their budget to bid for unowned players.

During the season, all managers can use any or all of their budget as part of a trade deal (for example Manager A sends Patrick Mahomes to manager B, in exchange for Dak Prescott and 40 waiver points)

On the ball as ever Jon - I will be back - 10th time lucky perhaps (who am I kidding). :football: :football: :football: :football: :football: :football: :football: :football: :football: :football:

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Can you add me to the waitlist thanks


Folks - there is at least one space, and possibly two, for the live draft in Southampton.
@Alan_Zreik @DanAbrey @scrumhalf @roookie @beastmode24 @mconabike @pauliebedders @gazj885 - can you message me if you are still interested - I will post on both the forum website and on discord, as I know not everyone reads both regularly!
Cheers, Jon

League is now filled ! :grinning:

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What’s the plan for post draft this year - I missed the cheap prices on the late trains back but there is a well cheap earlier than I usually leave train - just not seen any plans for this year post draft so thinking perhaps if there’s nothing planned maybe I’ll book that cheap choo choo and get home before next day for once - lol?

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Noel - plan will be - finish draft about 5 ish, go to pub for 530 premier league game, go for a meal at 730 ish. Sorting out some details but will be doing a post on here in about a week or less from now. No worries if you want to duck out early to save a few quid, see you soon

Nah if there’s the usual meal I’ll stay and pay the price for being tardy at checking advanced ticket prices. Only a fiver more the late trains when I last looked so will just book same one Toby is on to Clapham - 22:30. Knowing my luck if I buy a ticket no guard comes along - if I don’t a jobsworth will. :train2:

@JonCartwright - do you still maintain All Time Win / Loss records on Google Sheets - I have a link to a 2018 file in my list of past Google Sheets files opened wondered if there was a more up to date one?

Yep, I posted the latest version on the draft day thread, back in August. See if this link works mate

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Nice one thanks - it works. :smile:

TFP Originals 2023 Champion

(Winner) Dan Nichols (Watsonder the towel) / Flac05 - 100.00 (£1000)

TFP Originals 2023 Regular Season standings

TFP Originals 2023 Play-Off tree

TFP Originals Super Bowl X - 2023

(Winner) Dan Nichols (Watsonder the towel) / Flac05 - 100.00 (£1000)