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Originals 2022 Draft Order Question

Ignore this post! Read my later one
We are a little shorter on time than usual this year, so as a one off I am planning to assign draft order in advance of draft day. There is a single question to answer – most accurate answer will take draft spot 1, next best draft spot 2 and so on.

EuroBasket 2022 starts on Thursday 1st September, with three Group A matches (Spain v Bulgaria, Turkey v Montenegro, Belgium v Georgia). What will be the total number of points scored across these three games?

Message me your answer. I will accept a single whole-numbered answer, between 1 and 1,000 inclusive. If someone has already guessed the exact same number I will tell you to guess again.

  • Whoever makes the first guess, I will message you my guess – so that I can’t just sneakily wait to see all 15 other guesses before making mine!
  • If two guesses are out by an identical amount, the tiebreaker will go to whoever guessed under (so if the actual total is 500, then 495 would beat 505)
  • All guesses in by end of day 31st August. I will assign a randomly generated number to anyone who hasn’t replied by then
  • Bad guesses are allowed! If you are desperate to draft late in the round, feel free to guess an improbably high or low number (between the 1 and 1,000 limits)
  • Once the games have been played on the Thursday, I will work out the total points and announce the draft order. High picks will get less season-long waiver budget, and vice versa.
Guess Draft pick WAB budget
Best 1 0
2nd 2 20
3rd 3 40
4th 4 50
5th 5 60
6th 6 70
7th 7 80
8th 8 90
9th 9 100
10th 10 110
11th 11 120
12th 12 130
13th 13 135
14th 14 140
15th 15 145
Worst 16 150

I’m guessing this is basket ball - never followed it no idea what average scores are. Damn not even sure I wanted to bid any WAB lol.

Will send you some random figures before end of month.

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Evening folks,

Apologies for making a change to something I posted just a few days ago! But I have had multiple people in touch who weren’t thrilled about how draft spots were being chosen this year - two main issues being (a) the use of basketball to decide an NFL competition, and (b) it all being a bit too random. Points taken - and I have had a chat with Al and Sean to discuss other options. This is what I had decided to go with - apologies again for the change. It makes it more like what we have done in previous years.

  • You have $200 waiver budget for the season.

  • You will submit a bid to me, between now and next Sunday 28 August, of none, some, or all of your budget - whole dollar amounts only.

  • Your bid will be subtracted from your season long waiver budget

  • Once all bids are in, the highest bid will have first choice of draft spot. Next highest will choose from what’s left, etc (Al will be lending a handing contacting people to get their choice of draft slot)

  • The draft will run with THIRD ROUND REVERSAL so there is less incentive to bid the whole pot to secure the first pick

(I know most folks in this league will be familiar with 3rd round reversal, form other leagues we are in - but if not, reach out to me, Sean, or Al, who will be happy to explain)

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