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One of those days

So recent weeks at work have been a bit of a nightmare and last Friday I worked a 14 hour shift, not done that in a while. Not a huge deal but my day was nicely summed up when I reached my car when leaving the office after 9pm to find the windscreen and roof were literally smothered in sh*t from some extremely over fed birds. My weekend did not improve and I spent the entirety of last week working my ass off with a view to reaching this weekend just so that I could put last weeks time off out of memory.

This weekend did not start too hot either, could not sleep until after 5am on Saturday morning. I got up late and with friends busy and the wife working I decided I would study form online before shooting over to Ascot for the last day of the Royal meeting. Only problem was, after 5 mins of being online my 6 month old PC monitor just fell/came away from its stand entirely for no good reason (new monitor required). I decided I would do it the old fashioned way and study form at the track. I figured I could place some bets, have some beer and consider my draft board some more. But this was not to be… By the time I reached the station I was late, it had started to rain, I realised that I had left my train tickets at home and the train was cancelled. WTF…!!!

A little bummed I took my racing post and popped into the bookies to test my luck, I simply could not stop winning. I had a high number of winners from around the country but more satisfying were those 4 out of 5 Royal winners starting with Mahsoob (7/4) in the 2nd, followed by Snow Sky (11/1) in the 3rd. I was nowhere in the 4th but took note of the winners name “undrafted” and while I don’t back horses purely based on name I simply could not resist backing “Interception” in the 5th which won nicely @ 10/1. I finished the Royal meeting with Oriental Fox winning the last at 4/1.

The attached image shows my 1200% profit. It should cover the cost of a new monitor and a few other things along the way ; )

In truth I could not really enjoy the winning, my sister who has basically been determined to have kids for years now finally got pregnant and delivered two lovely baby girls last week but due to yet another Dr f*ck up she is still in hospital fighting for her health. Winning anything right now just seems so pointless.

Just thought I would share my good fortune, I know from years gone by that we can go months with next to no luck on the GG’s and then out of the blue and when you least expect it your selections seem all too easy.

Ps if birds sh*t on you or your car, go test your luck!


Sorry about the bad luck ps give me some of that lucky bird shit lol

In all seriousness hope your sister is better very soon…

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Finally got the car washed yesterday morning, so maybe the good luck comes from ridding yourself of bird sh*t rather than taking it, go have a good shower and check thoroughly, you never know ; )

Things are still not right though, this morning the washing machine went on the blink and then out of nowhere the fire alarm keeps bleeping… Is somebody trying to tell me something?

Thanks fella for your kind words

Hi fella, really sorry things aren’t quite going your ways at the moment - maybe you could borrow my 27" monitor until you decide on a new one … let me know if you want to.

I’m glad you won a great deal on the races at Ascot - I wish I had the time to go with you - who knows, it might have paid for our flights to D.C. :smile:

Let’s get together and throw some football around!

Actually would love to get everyone together for a throw about !! Be great fun maybe during or after the draft!!

Sorry to hear about ya bad luck - but wish you had shared ya GG tips so peeps could follow - I really wish I had all my lost funds back as a house in my street I always wanted now has a For Sale sign in front garden but muggings hear has no money for a deposit as he lost it all betting over the several months from World Cup to Super Bowl - so not much point looking into a mortgage as bank won’t go for that with no deposit & can’t sell my place yet as I’d have to pay all the discount back - takes 5 years to be clear under right to buy - #gutted! :frowning:

Guys, love the idea of a throw about but I’m afraid I will be a little more Manziel than Rodgers lol. Not sure we have a place or time at the draft? How about bank holiday Monday morning?

Anders, I have my work laptop to fall back on so all good and I am about to order another. Amazon seemed to force prime upon me a few months ago so might as well use it!

LM, Dude, I really did not post this thread to boast or show off, really not my style with my mind mainly on my Sisters recovery. So I hope it did not come off that way. I agree that sharing tips is a great idea but think that sharing successes against the bookie’s is also good banter. The selections I made yesterday were not a pre-planned thing, I had no idea what horses were even running until I eventually sat down in the bookies. From my early years I do know how to read and use form however and so that’s what I did but really this was just a pure lucky streak! I also know from past experiences that when you get these rare streaks they almost never last a full meeting or afternoon so all afternoon I was waiting for it to end at any moment. I did actually consider posting my selections later in the afternoon and with you in mind but I figured two things, nobody would be reacting to posts on a Saturday afternoon and more importantly posting your selections to the world felt like a sure fire way to jinx the run.

All that said I do have one tip for the up-coming NFL season. Watch for Brady’s suspension to remain the same and then nearer the time go to betfair and check out the lay price and market depth on the Pats to “not win” their division for the first time in forever. I don’t honestly know what price it will be or if the market will have enough depth but given their history I suspect the price will still be short enough despite the hurdles they have to overcome this season. That division will be a dog fight all year and even if the Pats do go on to win it shall be marginal meaning that you will find yourself in a position in week 12, 13 or 14 where the win price on the Pats is still decent so assuming you retained some coin you can buy yourself out by placing a win bet to cover your ass. If Brady’s suspension remains the same and the market in betfair has good liquidity I would suggest that a lay price of 3/1 or less is a “jump on”.

Hope your sis’ is okay now - please update us when you can, puts gambling into perspective when a loved one is in the hospital.

Well done on the results, I missed Welkers horse but couldn’t resist a follow up on Interception.

Dean, I knew undrafted was American owned but had no idea it was “Wes Welders” runner. It too was the inspiration for me to follow in with interception.

Thanks also for the kind words, really appreciated and your right… it was really weird going on a run when I really felt limited in my appreciation for it given her situation. Still I figured it was folly to leave until the run ended since the relationship I have with my Sister would mean that me travelling North to see her would only drive her further into concern.

Hey Gordon, my thoughts are with you, chin up

Thanks Simon, appreciate it Dude

I didn’t think you was gloating Gordon - not at all - I didn’t mean people had to share or anything just I am so bad with bets and what have you prefer to follow others especially in sports I know nothing about as feel they must have a better chance than anything I’d do. I enjoy hearing about others wins and more importantly really hope your sister gets better soon.

Thanks dude, really appreciate it.

Jeeez, sounds like a month’s worth of highs and lows in one day.

Glad that someone out there is managing to bash the bookies, it’s good to know it can be done. But as Dean said, the news about your sister puts that into perspective. Hope she is getting the care she needs and is on the mend. Let us know.

Thanks Jon, appreciate it.

Thanks to you all for your kind words over the last few days, I am happy to say that my Sis is now at home and on the mend. The baby girls are doing well too and so it seems i’m an uncle… struth


That’s excellent news, time for a little family celebration now :smiley:

Great news mate - but you do know, if the babies are girls that makes you an auntie not an uncle.

(I think that’s how it works…)