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NFLUK Super Bash cancelled

Well, that sucks:



“widespread feedback”

Must just of been us that enjoyed the free entrance, free beer, free food, cheerleaders, massive screen and the best sound system in London


Also very disappointed here - I’m sure @bluelionman will be disappointed as well…

Well, I’d pretty much earmarked travelling up to London for this, went to my first Super Bash last yar and thought it was brilliant and made the whole night an event, as opposed to me sitting on my couch on my todd…

So, I’m now looking at replacement options. The general view from the Super Bash regulars on the NFLUK forum is that the NFL-sanctioned Gridiron sponsored one at Bloomsbury Lanes sounds like the best replacement, akin to super bash for £12 at a different venue - which at least would guarantee a ticket rather than relying on the draw (or Noel’s hard work!). This is the website’s blurb on the event:

Join us for this years Super Bowl!

All tickets include a free Budweiser or Pepsi & a copy of Gridiron Magazine’s Super Bowl preview edition.

Meet & Greet with an NFL LEGEND

American Food

3 Giant HD screens plus additional TVs

DJs playing in the build up to game - Karaoke, Pool and Bowling all
available on the night! (More information on this will come out with
their confirmation Email)

Prize Giveaways

Reduced price bowling lane for group bookings (limited numbers) (6 tickets plus an hours bowling for £90)

For VIP Bookings please Email - Events@Gridiron-Magazine.com

Follow us here - @Gridiron & @BloomsburyLanes

More information on Gridiron - gridiron-magazine.com

My cincern was that a bowling alley didn’t sound like the best venue with respect to seating / screens, but Rhysd2 on the NFLUK forums (I think he was the guy dressed as a Viking at last year’s event for anyone that went!) posted this, which I thought was helpful:

Spoke to the venue. They have very little info but seemed to think both
upstairs and downstairs will be used which makes it 800ish capacity.
They said for other big games they’ve used by tvs little tvs and their
projector screens. They suggested calling gridiron or back in a week and
they’d have more info.

That being said thirdisorange the teal folks and a bunch of other
friends have booked in already so I think I’ll book. In there also. As
you say the crowd will make the game. Hopefully you all book in there

Edit- he did say they planned to have seating areas also

Others have also suggested that given it will be organised by the NFL and Gridiron, you’d expect they’d make sure it wasn’t a complete embarassment (right?!)

As a result, I’m pretty tempted to go ahead and book a ticket and go for this, but wanted to hear my fellow TFP’ers thoughts before I pull the trigger - would be good to be able to meet up with as many of you as possible again.


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James the TFP Originals are going to the Hippodrome, see Gordon (Citrus Player) On here, he may have more details.

James, I shall direct PM you now.

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Had you guys been planning this in advance of the Super Bash announcement then?!

I’ll mull it over and get back to you if that’s ok Gordon - I am pretty tempted to go to the official event to be honest with you… Sounds like the Hippodrome is pretty much offering a big screen and not much else for £20? The official event does seem to at least have a bit more going on?

Having said that, I’ve never been to the Hippodrome - have people been there before for NFL events and can comment?

Your right fella, There is no real razzamataz at the Hipp. It is simply a large room with a good screen but some of us prefer to watch the game in a good venue where tickets are bookable and therefore seats are gauranteed. Thats all.

Yes, several of us have been to the Hipp before, Imagine watching the game in a cinema, its exactly like that but wiht beer and food nearby and of course 160 NFL fans.

Just to check then - you can’t actually book/reserve seats at the Hipp can you? I assume you just mean that they’re limiting numbers to make it likely you’ll get a seat somewhere on a first-come-first-served basis?

EDIT Just saw you bumped the Hipp thread - don’t know how i managed to miss that until now :confused:

Depends on how you define booked lol, I have paid £20 per ticket and they will save a section of seats for our group. So to me, thats booked ; ) Thats why we are going there :smiley:

With you, saw your previous thread that you bumped and edited my above post - I’ll let you know either way by tomorrow morning if that’s alright.

The cancellation has thrown me a complete curveball - in my mind I was locked in to attending Super Bash!

No problem dude. I cant gaurantee that I can get you a ticket… but at least if I know I can try.

Yep - completely understand, and appreciated. As I say, I will let you know.

The replacement gig is supposedly going to be held at this venue…

License Review

Oh christ…

That may be a major problem if they do enforce the closing time of 1am.

I went to an NFL thing (think it was organised by Dan who did the post-IS nights?) at Bloomsbury Lanes a couple of years ago. On a scale of ‘places that would be suitable for the Super Bash’, with the O2 Indigo on the top end, this is pretty much right on the opposite end. Although not a bad place for bowling-themed office parties.

I just seriously question what the f*ck NFLUK are doing, in general. Not just cancelling the Super Bash, but removing the NFL from C4 this year too, just as it was really on the brink of taking off in the UK. At least the BBC2 Road To The Super Bowl show is pretty good, but I can’t imagine the midnight Tuesday slot is the best for bringing new fans to the sport.

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Never been to Bloomsbury Lanes so good to get an opinion on it from who has. Channel 4 lacked some real vision there

Naturally cause its closer to me home appeals especially as my bro never has much money so might be cheaper than central London for us both travel as well as drinks wise but seen a few people put forward this place in Clapham and at £10 a ticket with a free hotdog is on the lower cost end of alternatives (any one ever been here):

The Grand Clapham

Buy Tickets (& further info about what you get)

EDIT: Also if anyone is interested the official one NFLUK has kind of put forward someone on NFLUK forum popped down there Friday lunchtime to have a squiz as it was walking distances from there work. Apparently it’s also waking distance from Kings Cross train station - they also took a load of photographs to you can see here: Bloomsbury Lanes

I am really torn now as almost every one from my TFP originals league (that goes to London for Super Bowl) is going to the Hippodrome but most of the guys and gals I hook up with from NFLUK that I only see once a year at Super Bash are going to Bloomsbury Lanes as is James from TFP Originals… decisions, decisions!

It really depends on what you expect from a SB night. If you want razamatazz such as cheerleaders, prizes, ex footballers and the like then the Hipp may not be ideal. On the other hand if you want the ability to book a seat for the night in a respected venue in a great London location which has a big screen and offers drink and food all night long then the Hipp is ideal.

Personally, other than the glam added by some cheerleaders (red blooded male) I could not give a hoot about the rest of it. I just want to be in a decent venue with a seat, a big screen, good audio and brilliant company.

Nearer the time I will be looking to see if the “Hipp crowd” fancy a sit down meal pre-game. Something completely optional but I think having a little meal in central London before we head over to the Hipp would be a great way to start the night.

Each to their own.

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