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NFLUK / Sky Sports - NFL CHALLENGE 2018 (Money Leagues)


Well the games just keep on coming - NFLUK & Sky Sports has finally gone live with the same game NFLUK introduced last season (which is nothing like the Sky Sports Fantasy NFL Football game it did away with several seasons ago). Last year I didn’t get enough entries for the head 2 head version of this game but am trying again this year - naturally if I don’t get enough punters in the head to head version will refund peeps who joined so don’t worry about that - for the head to head league to be viable it needs a minimum of 4 teams so this will run if just 3 more people join before game starts (naturally if there are only 4 of us I will adjust prize payout accordingly to just be ‘Winner Takes All’).

NFL CHALLENGE is a free to play game with some top prizes on offer…

'Each week the NFL Challenge participants have the chance to win some great NFL prizes. If your team finishes the week with the most fantasy points in your favourite NFL team’s league, you will win a £25 gift voucher to be used online at Europe.NFLShop. If you are part of the league for fans that have not yet picked their favourite team, you would also receive a £25 voucher to use at Europe.NFLShop.com. The voucher will be emailed to you within 28 days of the week you won.

And that’s not all! At the end of the 2018 NFL season, a random drawing will be conducted from among all verified and confirmed Weekly Prize winners to select one potential Grand Prize winner.

That lucky winner will get two 2019 NFL London Games season tickets to see all the games that will be played in the UK next year.’

So has to be worth playing right?

Now if your a gambler like me and don’t fancy your chances of beating everyone playing in the game (or not eligible to win the official prizes as your not based in the UK) then why not, for some added interest join one or both of my private money leagues I have set up within the game on NFL UK.

I have made each league just £10 entry a person in my money leagues and will have prizes for the top *2 at the end of the game in each league (*exception to this will be if get 4 or less entrants in either league then will make that league a Winner Takes All payout).


The first league is called an ‘Open’ league and as many people as wish to can join. Each persons total fantasy score decides your position in the league and at the end of the season whichever teams are in the top two spots will share the money. Naturally it will be more for 1st than 2nd. I will work out what the payouts are when I have collected all payments in and see how many people actually join up.


The second league I have set up is a ‘head to head’ style league where you are matched with another opponent in the league each week of the season and your weekly score versus the person your playing decides whether you Win, Lose or Tie and like in the NFL this will give you a W-L-T record.

I have chosen for this league to have a play-off type ending - it says Head to Head leagues can be set up with 4,6,8,10,12,14 or 16 teams. I have gone ultra optimistic and set up a 16 team league with 50% (8 teams) making the post season / playoffs will be weeks 15-17 of the real NFL Regular Season.

If this league fills that would make £160 in the prize pot which I plan to pay out as follows:

Winner of League: £100
Runner Up: £40
Team seeded #1 going into Play-Offs: £20

It does allow me to edit the size of the league so at midnight on Thursday if the league is not full I will reduce the size of it to make sure we start Week 1. As it has to be an even number of teams if that means we have an odd number last team to pay entry fee will be booted and refunded. Naturally I hope I will not have to do this but if I do I will reduce the prizes and advise what they are adjusted down to. So please spread the word and lets get 16 in ASAP.

Well over to you - any one who wants in can find the game here:

NFLUK / Sky Sports NFL Challenge

Best regards,

Noel / bluelionman

PS Any one who joins but does not pay entry fee by NFL Week 2’s main slate of games will be deleted from the Open league and named and shamed in the H2H league (plus on a years ban from any games I run).

Final Table


1st (£40) - Gary Johnson - gazj885
2nd (£10) - Andy Düenner - duenni