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Nflgirluk competition – my touchdown celebration

Hi all!

To celebrate the launch of the new NFLGirlUK blog, I have decided to create a competition where NFL fans can send in a video of their best touchdown celebration, whether it’s a unique creation or imitating their favourite player. All you have to do is upload your video to YouTube with the title ‘NFLGirlUK Competition – My Touchdown Celebration by [your username here]’ and tweet it using the hashtag #NFLGirlUKTouchdown.

Full details of the competition can be seen here. Papa Johns has even since tweeted it saying they’ll throw in a pizza for the winner. I’m hoping to get more prizes as part of the overall prize, so watch this space.

In the meantime, would love to see you all support and get involved!

Liz // @NFLGirlUK


You just want us to all copy Antonio Brown and bust our balls on the rugby posts at our local parks. I know your game!

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Hmm Maybe I can turn my Sunday night, home alone “They’re coming out of the (((TUUUNNNEELLLL)))” dance… into a TD celebration…

Haha! I don’t recommend that anyone repeats that celebration!

I want as many people to get involved as possible :smile:

Unsure if I can make the 5pm twitter bash today, depends on when i complete work today…

Anyone fancy being the first to do a video upload, or do I have to? ha!

@Dean will do his championship winning celebration :stuck_out_tongue:


Sorry, I think its a good idea but I am personally not a huge fan of social media. I have seldom used twitter and Google plus accounts but generally dont take part in it… So an online video of me celebrating a virtual TD seems a little alien. Good luck with it tho :blush:

Just a small reminder for anyone up for entering. You have until Sunday to enter and receive some likes.

We’ve also had iON Camera and Five Guys get involved too so the prizes are all the more better for that quick moment of making a fool of yourself lol.

I’ve only had two entries so far and would really really REALLY appreciate it if someone/some of you from Fan Pub were to enter.


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I would love to but to be honest would require a football and mates to film me of which I have neither (mates locally that is that are on the same schedule as me). However I will give the heads up to those that made TD videos to win Super Bash tickets a year or 2 back as they seemed to have the right stuff - just need to go find the thread on NFLUK and post a link to your tweet about the competition.

Also Claire-da-bare has many follows due to her NFL giveaways perhaps you could ask her to re-tweet your comp.? :sunglasses:

Actually - as ya comp is open till Sunday I will see if I can find anyone with a ball and some free time to help me try (and fail badly most likely) to do something Saturday.

Alas I was never able to get a decent enough video together - that’s what happens when your mates live to far away and ya local ones don’t have the inclination to make time to help… so I tried to rope in some work mates but the stuff wasn’t good enough to coble together an entry but in a sort of out takes lol sket so TFP’ers can have a laugh at my miserable attempt thought I’d load up the ill fated first go.

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Brilliant Noel, the speed and cuts were like nothing I have ever seen before, utterly awesome… Shame about the hands :smile:

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it was definately an amusing watch good effort

With Megatron retiring, maybe you should submit this to the Lions Noel - with these skills they’re bound to invite you to training camp :wink:


Awesome stuff Noel - came close to soiling myself with laughter. Hope you submitted it, it gets my vote!!

What happened to your belt Noel? :relaxed: