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NFl Yorkshire Super Bowl Party

Hi all, as you maybe aware but I run a fan group in Yorkshire for the NFL, we will be holding our first annual superbowl party It will be held at Victoria Gate Casino in Leeds on the 4th Feb 2018.

Ticket price is £15 and this includes best seats in the house - right in front of the screens - with a simple one course meal around kickoff (burger etc), an alcoholic drink with it, and a snack (hot dog or similar) around the start of the fourth quarter. This price is the early bird offer and lasts until 1st Dec.

If you are interested in attending please comment below and inbox me. Sure this will be amazing night for us all and first of many great events in 2018

Over 18 only with it being a casino property

Payment required to secure your place at the event

They is a travelodge around the corner for people who require one for after the event

Due to my relationship with the fan pub if you would to join us for the incredible night you would be more than welcome



<img src="/uploads/db6257/original/1X/14d1374a0782689edebe33e22432be514c373ccb.jpeg" width="300" height="168"><img src="/uploads/db6257/original/1X/24a17f6267e1b5de5ac1a88f8c3775fe9f3ea1fa.jpeg" width="500" height="500"><img src="/uploads/db6257/original/1X/6d21c4187de63839c7676d6331b79bb07f4e29f2.jpeg" width="690" height="345"><img src="/uploads/db6257/original/1X/56c1232122c435f7f5dc430ab9061ed29fbcfe04.jpeg" width="666" height="500">
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I’m in already, but the pics haven’t uploaded properly

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I iz in… Boom Lets roll…


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If anyone is interested please let me know before the end of November so I can get you on the guest list and a reserved seat will be a great night