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NFL Yorkshire season challenge 2018

2018 Weekly Challenge Team Competition is back, Last year winner was Daniel Jennings, We will be doing the same format,

£1 a line entry which get you a line of 4 teams, which consists of 1 x 1st Seed,1 x 2nd Seeds, 3rd Seeds, 1 x 4th Seeds

Buy 5 lines get 1 free

There is 1000 of combinations

No limit on the amount of lines you want to buy. Prize money will be decided once we have all the entries in.

Point are scored by the following

Win = 5pts
Loss = 1pt
Touchdowns = 3pts each
Field Goal = 1pt each ( not conversion)
Overtime Win = 2pts
Loss by 10pts = -5pts
Loss by 20pts = -10pts
Division Winners = 20pts
Qualify for Playoffs = 10pts
Qualifiy for Superbowl = 20pts
Team who has the Superbowl MVP = 25pts
League MVP 20pts

This is now open and we are taking entries

Good Luck everyone