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Nfl weekly pick em

2017 Weekly pick em competition

:football::football:CLOSING DATE for entries and picks is Wednesday 6th September :football::football:

Just say who wins for the 17 regular season weeks, prize for each month which will be a box of goodies for your team. The winner will receive a ticket for 2018 international series depending on the amount of people taking part additional prizes may be available

Fee to enter is Β£8.50 which is 50p week

:football::football: for it to work at 50p a week we need 30 people to play :football::football:

Comment below who wants to take place


Already signed up and paid - will have my picks to you by Wednesday latest.

Good to have some others on here involved as well.

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Lot’s of us have entered already on the discord site

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Yeah be good to get a few more involved

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Hi, how do i get involved?


Hi mike if you can send me your email address I can add you to the file and send you the details

Any more entries before tomorrow deadline?

Can one of you lot work out how to fill the picks in without printing?

I just used the word doc he sent me and bolded my selections

Hi dean
Just send a list pal most people of done that I found a better way going forward for all other weeks

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Thanks Richard I’ve sent you an email to the address you emailed me from with the list of my predicted winners for week 1 - let me know if any issues.