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NFL Week 9 Bets

Just thought I’d start the thread off as no one else has.

First thing I notice on the handicap line is 888.com are giving the Carolina Panthers +8.5 over the Packers - was going to lump on but the odds is only 1.37 so not all that attractive. But an +8.5 point head start in a game I think will be close and the Panthers could win straight up is some start… thoughts?

Carolina are +2.5 vs Green Bay (well, I see your +8.5 is at 1.37 odds, which I’m not sure I see the point of). It’s going to be a close game - maybe even have the Panthers down for a win - so… make of that what you will. I went with Green Bay, but I know some others here are going with Carolina - actually it seems too close.

I went with:
Giants to win
Broncos to win
Falcons -7
Packers -2.5
Rams to win
Raiders to win (this one’s more of a punt)

As individual bets and mixed together in some accumulators too. I might stick some others on, there’s a few interesting ones (Jags +8, Chargers -4, and the Eagles @ Cowboys game is a bit interesting).

Falcs -6.5 is max. bet of the week. San Fran have hardly any players left, QB benched, TE traded and god only knows who their Running Back will be (even Simon hasn’t picked up a 49ers RB in our fantasy game).

Main bets this week will be double & trebles on games to go Over their point spread. Not decided which teams to play but will post if I see any tasty opportunities.

It’s weird why all the books have different handicap starts as standard - SkyBet have Panthers +3 - or did when I was looking yesterday.

Copied a bet from Brad:

Drew Brees passing yards under 325.5 @ 10/11 with Ladbrokes

The Titans weakness is the run D not passing. I don’t think Brees will be looking to hit as many throws as he made last weekend.

Fair shout other than I am locked out my Ladbrokes a/c have been for months - keep meaning to contact them but my weird hours mean people in department I have to speak to are never there when I am ready to call like now in the wee hours… doh!.

Can’t you just go into a Ladbrokes shop, like we used to do in the olden days😄

Not got any bets in place yet but good luck this week to you guys. As it happens I think the 6pm fixtures this week are excellent matchups/entertainment compared to other weeks!!

I’m to lazy for that - as nearest Lads is several miles away but I did contact them and it supposedly been sorted but God dam it some gremlin in system as they say I’m logged in but screen my end keeps saying can’t log in please try again soon so I can’t see my account? :thumbsdown:

Had a small bet to raise the interest stakes, ended up just backing results I would like to see…

Panthers +3
Vikings - 1.5
Steelers - 6


Same odds on Bet365 so had a tiny tickle on this - £9 (the odd pounds I had on there).
Any other juicy bets you see on Brads feed - encourage him to come here would you and share his thoughts.

This little treble went all the way to the wire, probably only went South in the end because I lost 2 out of 3 QBs lol.

Unfortunate there Gordon. After a great day yesterday, I’m having a 'mare tonight. Currently 0&4 in my spreadex game and my large bet on the Falcs went t1ts up (again).

Need the Bears to help me out tomorrow, that’s a sickening thought relying on :scream: Jay Cutler

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Hi Dean,

Thats not good news, we are counting on you to bring in the big spreadex prize!! :sunglasses: Seriously, your right nobody wants to rely on Cutler, literally nobody. He has had a decent season given the weapons he has so hope he pulls it out of the bag for you.

The Falcons appear to have ridden the crest of their wave and are quickly coming back to shore…

Good luck

And somehow… the Bears won! :smile:

I bet on the Chargers :cry: but also on a Langford TD so walked away about even.

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I’m pretty emotionless watching sports events (years & years of gambling). But last night, Jay Cutler was getting some abuse from my settee and Robbie Gould got a load of swear words thrown in his direction. Thankfully the Chargers played awful football and the Bears covered easy in the end.

This Spreadex game has really excited me, every game seems to matter and even if its not one of my selections playing, I can root against the other guys in the comp. I really recommend playing next season (I wish I was in a team with someone though).

Yeah, if they’d run it properly (like, a website, not via email) I’d love to join in next season.

Same, I would play if it was just a little more official feeling…

Understand your concerns but Its been pretty transparent so far, think this is going to grow so I’m sure the prizes will pay deeper into the league next season. If you think you can hit anywhere close to 70% it will be worth a punt. 8 Weeks to go and I would say about 30 ish players are close enough to cash although it can change week to week. ( I think they are paying top 7).

If prizes are paid out this year (and I fully expect them to be) then I will prob give it a shot next year, something different.