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(NFL Week 2 start) NFL NON DRAFT FANTASY FOOTBALL - £10 Money League

Due to the lateness of setting up my original league on this game I have created a second league thats starts from NFL Week 2. So for anyone that missed out (pretty much everyone as there are only 2 of us in my Week 1 starting league) I have created this extra league.

This money league will pay out prizes for the top 3 players at the end of the game. However, as I can’t be sure how many entrants I will get I have made the prize pay outs percentages - so the more entrants I end up getting the bigger the monetary prizes will be. My private mini league fee remains £10 per entrant and the prize pay outs will be as follows at the conclusion of the game:


1st - 60%

2nd - 30%

3rd - 10%

So if you wish to take part in this money league you only have up until 20:15 (US ET) Thursday, September 17th / 01:15 (UK time) Friday, September 18th to join as the games deadline is 5 minutes prior to the scheduled start of the first game of the week. Entry payment must be made before the start of NFL Week 3’s games. Any non-payers after the start of NFL Week 3 will be deleted and then actual £GBP value of prizes confirmed and posted on this games TFP forum thread.

This is the invite link to my private money league:

click to join BLM NFL 2 money league

The manual details for this league are as follows:

The league name is: BLM NFL 2
The league code is: 918FDC

So that’s it, please spread the word and get your mates involved.

Best regards,

bluelionman (Noel Symonds)

PS If you don’t know the score regards how to make payment just contact me to ask either via e-mailing me or PM’ing (private messaging) me from the TFP forum.