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NFL Week 13 Bets / Offers

Just seen this in an e-mail from BetFair and wonder what you guys think:

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Fair bet but pays more with Skybet and same with Betvictor. Not checked elsewhere but can probably get higher, so only bet it if you like those three

Wow so it’s not really an enhancement at all. :angry:

You gotta watch them bookies Noel, they are trying to empty our pockets :rage:

They do that enough with me as it is - still pissed about TNF and my losses last week (the fact I was so close on my double, treble and accum bets) yet all bust and thus ended up around £700 down… I just went and blew over half my MB funds left on some 5 fold up to 15 fold accums thinking hell others do it so why not me! :no_mouth:

just typed you a long rambling response offering advice on your betting methods, but after reading as it sounds pious and I’m not qualified to offer advice so I deleted, I am really alarmed at your losses and worry that someone with your obvious knowledge of sport and particularly NFL cannot at least break even. Your lack of success cannot be down to bad luck all the time, your betting method needs adjusting.

Hopefully you will agree to get your stakes reduced big style so gambling doesn’t keep pissing you off so much. You are surrounded with a group who are willing to help and offer advice and when you teach yourself to get into £+

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