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NFL UK - SUPER BOWL CHALLENGE (£10 Money League) 2019

The NFL post season is almost here and this is a game I have come across that is just a prediction bracket game. You fill it in before the playoffs start and that’s it (though you can come back between rounds and change your picks if you want - but this negates your times x bonus).

The game is free to play but allows you to make up private leagues so you can compete just amongst your friends. So I have taken this opportunity to make up my own private money league for those who like to play games for money. If you would like to join my money league it is £10 per entry and is Winner Takes All - should more than one player finish joint top then the prize pot will be equally divided by all those who tie for first place after the Super Bowl.

Good Luck.

Noel / bluelionman

PS If you don’t know how to pay me just contact me and I will tell you how.

Any one who has not paid their entry fee by the end of Wild Card weekend will be deleted from this money league and not eligible to win the prize pot (and may not be invited to future money games I run).

If you wish to view the game - see a video of how game works etc., without joining my money league then follow this link:

Super Bowl Challenge FAQ’s

League Code: CZR7222J

Prize Payout

1st (WTA) - Rick_Spangle Andy Smith = £30