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Hi all

If anyone is struggling to decide who to put in their team this week then check out my new blog focusing on NFL UK’s version of Fantasy Football. Can find the blog here:-

First time I’ve ever done anything like this so would welcome feedback, etc. Was going to post it directly on here initially but turned out to be a bit long. I’ll be trying to update it each week (and hopefully before Thursday next time).


Hi Mark,

The article was an interesting read and looks the part. Good luck with the blog.

Thanks Alan. Still working on the look of it a bit but struggling for time this week due to work commitments. Only had the idea to do it on Wednesday morning, and wanted it online by Thursday so was a bit of a rush job this week. I’d already done all the research for myself anyway so was just a case of writing it up.

Doing it for a bit of fun for myself as much as anything.

It’s a good post. You should think about posting it on medium.com, they have a nice template system for blogs but also a pretty good way of promoting them.

Cheers @neonadam I’ll take a look.

Interesting read - I’ve subscribed. Do you do fantasy games for money Mark seeing as you put so much time into research?
If so I run lots and advertise 80% of them here in the Fantasy Sports category (just for future reference).

One I did was this one your blogging on and after week 1 I am top of my money league with 121 points - think that’s my best ever start. There is 12 of us in it.

I’m not in any money leagues at the moment but I’d be up for it.

I considered coming to your live draft earlier this year but I was working the weekend.

121 points is solid, particularly 1st week. Who did you have in your lineup? Best week I ever had was coming 5th (I think) one week last year. Missed the weekly prize by 2 points. Swore lots, particularly as I made a last minute switch which would have put me top if I left alone.

I had a bloke in my league who has won a weekly on this game (SkySports/NFLUK) - some years back now by the name of Josh Roberts. As for my Week 1 line up will post a screen shot…

Always nice when your D contributes 20+ points. Some solid picks (although personally not a massive fan of White). Could have been more too if it weren’t for Ellington’s injury.

Always takes a massive slice of luck to be a weekly winner (or even come close). Can’t afford anyone having an off day.

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Review of week 2 up

And week 3 picks up…