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NFL Sweepstake

:football::football: Lines Still Available :football::football: Winner currently stands to win £110

We are running our annual NFL Season Sweepstake

There are a total of 1043 combinations based on the final 2016 standings, and there will be a prize for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place and the traditional wooden spoon for last place.

£1 a line entry which gets you four teams (A team from each of the 4 pots based on seeding’s)
If you buy 5 your 6 is free

It runs for entire NFL season

Points are awarded for the following

Win = 5 Pt
Loss = 1 Pt
For every Touchdown/Goal Score = 1pt
For every 3pt Conversion Field Goal = 1pt
Overtime Win = 2pts


Loss by 11-25 points = -3 points
Loss by more than 25 points = -10 points

Bonus Points

Bonus points for highest touch-down player – 5 – in first round
Bonus points for highest number of successful kicks – 5 – in first round

Round Bonus = 20pts
(Qualify for the playoffs and progression to the final)

Payment either PayPal or bank transfer

Comment or inbox me


Ive already bought into this but would be interesting to understand how you seeded the teams, and where the 1000 combinations come from :thumbsup:

Hi Jon no problem very long process but have a standard sweepstake accumulator spreadsheet my mate uses for world cups and I just adapted it to nfl, based on last year positions so New England number 1 and browns at 32 there a four pots of seeds so work back from playoffs for seedlings, then I have a massive IF statement built into excel which looks at all possible different commbinations based on seedings and then when people want to enter I have a random button which is used and is supervised by a witness to avoid any foul play or can be no accusations of cheating etc

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:open_mouth: sounds pretty wild !! #maths

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