NFL SWEEPSTAKE (Season Long) 2019/20

Yes it’s that time of year again…



For years amongst my work colleagues and friends I have run a sweep stake on the NFL season. However over time my work colleagues have reduced and some years people don’t always fancy it. For this reason I am always looking for new people to have a go. The reason you are receiving this e-mail is I know you actually like the NFL (unlike a lot of my mates and work colleagues) or you like a wee punt on things that are pure random luck. So for this reason thought I would take the time to explain how I run this sweep stake in case you would like to take part…

How It Works

There are 32 teams currently in the NFL so I have 32 envelopes which I seal with 1 different teams name in each.

This year I am selling the envelopes at £10 each (this makes the prize money). As people purchase them they write their names on them - no one opens them until they are all sold. I always put in for the last one left (I don’t pick mine always have the 32nd one) as I love the NFL and a gamble to. When all the envelopes are sold I go back to the people who bought them and get them to open their envelope. However if someone bought one by proxy then with their permission I open their envelope and inform them of who they drew. If people agree all the people’s envelopes I will be opening as a proxy I will record on video or get a mate to film me with my phone opening them and load up the video to the internet so people can see it.


At the end of the regular season every team who win’s their Division will get £20. (8 x £20 = £160)

Then come the end of the season… (after the Super Bowl)

The person who’s team ends up winning the Super Bowl wins £100.
The runner up (losing finalist - the other team in the Super Bowl) wins £50.
The worst team of the whole season gets £10. This is decided on the W-L-T (Win-Loss-Tied) record of all the teams in the regular season. Should there be more than one team on the same worst W-L-T record then the prize is shared equally by those tying teams.

So if your someone who I do not see in person but you would still like to take part then please reply to this post and or PM me to discuss ways to pay if you don’t know the current SOP (Standard Operating Procedure). I will then get a friend or work colleague to draw you an envelope at random and put your name on it. When they are all sold I will open yours and every other proxies envelopes on video and send you a link to where you can watch this). SIMPLE…

So the only question left to ask is “do you feel lucky…?

Best Regards,

Noel Symonds (aka bluelionman )

Just an update all - sorry I am late this year but it’s been a slog selling them all - less NFL contacts of mine dived in this year than I expected so am having to arm twist work colleagues. Hope to finish them off this week and then make the video opening the envelopes for all yous I won’t see in person to open their own. :football:

Finally it’s here - thanks for your patience everyone:

Titans and Lions :sob: