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Link to game - http://playoffchallenge.fantasy.nfl.com/

Well the post season is fast approaching (starts this coming Saturday), which offers up another chance for all of us to start again with new fantasy games. I have just created a private money group on this NFL.com game which can be joined right now.

I am making the prize positions the same as last year - 1st thru 3rd. I can’t be sure how many entrants I will get this year but hope for a good turn out but for this reason the prize pay outs are in percentages - so the more entrants I end up getting the bigger the monetary prizes will be for each spot. My private groups entry fee remains £10 per entrant and the prize pay outs will be as follows at the conclusion of the game:

1st - 60%

2nd - 30%

3rd - 10%

If you like fantasy NFL games then why not try this one that covers just the play offs. If you like a little something riding on it then my private money league is perfect and anyone can join in this year as I am accepting payments by PayPal so those of you based outside of the UK can easily join in to.

You can take a look at the game (read the rules etc.) by clicking on the link near the top of this page (or cutting and pasting it, if it does not work by clicking on it).

If you wish to join this money league then you will need the following when trying to join:

League name - BLM NFL PLAYOFFS
The league password is: **********

Internal Entry Fee - £10

Lastly I will not chase anyone for payment I will simply delete any entrants that have not paid after the Wild Card games have started before the end of the Wild Card weekend and confirm the prizes once this is done. It is each entrants responsibility to pay me before the post season starts and tell me their entry/team name.

Best of luck & I hope to see you in the league soon.


Noel Symonds (aka bluelionman)

PS If you don’t know my Pay Pal e-mail address just PM me and I will supply it.

Joined want some more of my money come and get it

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Need to find a few spare minutes, when I am not getting distracted by tales of Noel’s Fetish Boat… but I am planning on entering this one

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Right I have set up my team for this. 15 people in there already which is good - a few user names I recognise and plenty I didn’t !

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Right we got 25 entrants which makes prizes this:

1st - 60% - £150

2nd - 30% - £75

3rd - 10% - £25

May the best GM win!

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Well done to Andy Smith - Rick_Spangle to have won this - gutted not to have triumphed myself if I am honest!

Position - Prize - Name / TFP username (where known) - Final Score

1st - (60%) £144 - Andy Smith / Rick_Spangle - 730
2nd - (30%) £72 - Noel Symonds / bluelionman - 677
3rd - (10%) £24 - Robert Letham - 563

I enjoyed this game and will play again if you run it again next season. I finished 8th but not really competitive after the Bengals melt down in wk1

Yep - also enjoyed it - but went very heavy on Cardinals so was screwed :frowning:
Will certainly play again - feels like a bit of light relief after the main fantasy season is over

@Dean, @JonCartwright - nice to hear this guys - I always seem to get far more entrants for the Play-Off Challenge than I do the Perfect Challenge (regular season version with no doubling up of points as weeks go bye) so just wish to highlight the regular season version and say before dismissing it you should really try it. I will of course run both versions again this year/next season as I do each year (assuming NFL.com run the games - as sometimes they do change them).

Also I do run my own games (along with McBears help - he does all the scoring) by e-mail on both the full season and a stand alone play-off version I try my hardest to grow each year but is a struggle to maintain levels of participation as it seems each year for each new player I find the same amount from previous years don’t return for what ever reason. So I would say my entry levels are around half a dozen on the season long version and about 10 on the playoff standalone version of the games me and McBear run by e-mail based on the old First Down fantasy football game format.

Look out for info on all games I run by e-mail as and when and being posted on here (TFP) in the Fantasy Sports category.