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£10 @ draw

Super Bowl winner = £80

Super Bowl loser = £40

It’s that exciting time again - the new year and the NFL post season. 12 teams have made it to the play-offs and as usual I run a re-sweep on the play-offs. You may have taken part in my season long NFL sweepstake or you may not have, but either way this is another chance to have some fun by having a draw in this postseason sweepstake.

Slightly different this year (as I’m not at work) is I am selling the 12 slots online - and then doing a video draw in one hit on Saturday picking the teams out of a bag for each entrant. The video will then be loaded up to YouTube and a link sent to all entrants and be posted on TFP so people can watch and see what team they got before the playoffs start Saturday night. Should I fail to sell 11 slots by noon on Saturday then I will refund all entrants and cancel the sweepstake.

I myself (being a degenerate gambler) am happy to put in for the last team left in the bag hence why I only need to sell 11 slots (not 12) but should 12 people come forward and want a draw then I am happy to not partake.

The person whose team ends up winning the Super Bowl wins £80 .
The runner up (losing finalist - the other team in the Super Bowl) wins £40 .

So if you would like to take part reply to this post or PM me.

Now the play-offs start this Saturday at 9:35pm UK time with the first Wild-Card game so I will look to have sold all these sweepstakes by Saturday afternoon to give me time to make and upload the video so that everyone knows who they have prior to this game so if you want one do not delay in letting me know as if I have not got takers for all draws by 12 noon on Saturday I will shelve this Sweepstake (and refund all entrants).

However should I have sold all draws then everyone will know their team before the start of the first wild card play-off game (assuming they watch the video).

Best Regards,

Noel Symonds / bluelionman

Good News bit later than expected but here is those who have stuck their hand up so far for a NFL playoff sweepstake (and some have said they will take extra to make sure it happens so thanks to that can say it will go ahead but am happier to spread the teams if anyone else wants in - so hence the extra spots will be filled by multi takers if no one else comes forward):

(I will make video up and have it uploaded by 8pm UK time to YouTube and link posted in this thread below when done)


  1. Josh Roberts - Seattle Seahawks
  2. Ricky Pearce - Houston Texans
  3. Mike Mark - Chicago Bears YellowMoney
  4. Alex Woodford - New England Patriots
  5. Barry Jenkinson - Kansas City Chiefs brfcfan
  6. Mark Pearson - Los Angeles Chargers
  7. Jon Cartwright - Indianapolis Colts JonCartwright
  8. Andy Düenner - New Orleans Saints duenni
  9. Danny Bingham - Baltimore Ravens
  10. Tony Hamm - Los Angeles Rams silverflash
  11. Andy Düenner - Philadelphia Eagles duenni
  12. (Me) Noel Symonds - Dallas Cowboys

Okay it’s 6pm I can’t wait any longer as have many fantasy games to type teams out for so will make this video now and ANDY DÜENNER gets 2 draws as he actually asked for 2 or 3 (not just said he was willing to take extra if I had trouble selling but actively wanted more sweeps).

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As promised here is the video - enjoy…


Very good video draw mate. Well done.:sunglasses:

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