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NFL 'Play-Offs' Sweep Stake‏


£10 @ draw

Super Bowl winner = £80

Super Bowl looser = £40

It’s that exciting time again - the new year and the NFL post season. 12 teams have made it to the play-offs and as usual I run a re-sweep on the play-offs. You may have taken part in my season long NFL sweep stake or you may not have, but either way this is another chance to have some fun by having a draw in this post season sweep stake.

I have put the 12 teams that made it to the post season into 12 envelopes. I now sell the envelopes at £10 each (this makes the prize money). As people purchase them they write their names on them - no one opens them until they are all sold. I always put in for the last one left (I don’t pick mine always have the 12th one) as I love the NFL and a gamble to. When all the envelopes are sold I go back to the people who bought them and get them to open their envelope - for those people I don’t see in person I will make a video up and put It on you tube sending them a link so they can watch me open all the proxy envelopes and see who they got.

The person who’s team ends up winning the Super Bowl wins £80.
The runner up (losing finalist - the other team in the Super Bowl) wins £40.

So if your someone who I do not see in person but you would like to take part reply to this post. Unless you have out standing winnings from other games/schemes of mine then the best way to pay me is by PayPal.

This is my PayPal link: paypal.me/bluelionman

Just click on it and send the funds that way - DO NOT CHECK THE BOX as if you do PayPal will deduct a fee as it will assume it is business transaction (and I will then have to chase you for the extra to make good the prize pot funds).

I will get a friend or work colleague to draw you an envelope at random and put your name on it. When they are all sold I will post a link on this thread to the video of the opening of the envelopes.

Now the play-offs start this Saturday at 9:35pm UK time with the first Wild-Card game so I will look to have sold all these sweep stakes well before then so everyone knows who they have prior to this game so if you want one do not delay in letting me know as I am going to be pushing these hard from now on the rest of the week.

Everyone will know their team before the start of the first wild card play-off game.

Best Regards,

Noel Symonds

As I sell the spots I will list peoples names here so you can know how they are going (first come first served):

  1. James Freenman - Kansas City Chiefs
  2. Andy Smith - Pittsburgh Steelers
  3. Drew Johnstone - Washington Redskins
  4. Barry Jenkinson - Denver Broncos
  5. Jon Cartwright - New England Patriots
  6. Steve Smith - Seattle Seahawks
  7. Christopher Jennings - Houston Texans
  8. Dean Poole / his boy - Minnesota Vikings
  9. Andy Duenner - Green Bay Packers
  10. David Langley - Arizona Cardinals
  11. Alan Roberts - Cincinnati Bengals
  12. Noel Symonds - Carolina Panthers

Here’s the video of Noel making the picks on the Saturday night.

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Id like one Noel - dashing around at the moment but should be able to paypal money over this evening - if you have sold out by then and I miss out, its my own fault!

No issues mate your word is good enough I’ll put you down for one.

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Tenner sent on behalf of my son, give him an interest. I’m already heavily invested in the big game :wink:

What name do I put down then fella?

Also how do I pay Catherine Green - is she your wife (but kept own surname)?

I’ve sent you the tenner Noel !

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Option A

  • One space left - reason being is I don’t think I can partake this time around because I have not used identical envelopes for the sweeps - because I didn’t have any left in the flat (so just used old business reply ones I saved from junk mail to use for sweep stakes).

Because of this and the fact I am not at work to get a proxy to pick them for you all I will be doing the draws - for this reason I don’t think it’s fair as although I sealed the envelopes 2 days ago now and can’t remember what team was in what envelope it just does not sit right with me as if I end up with a good draw will always wonder if people feel perhaps I somehow knew what I was picking - so just to avoid there even being the slightest possibility of that accusation being feasible I’d prefer to make that an impossibility by stepping away. As it happens looks like I’ll be putting in for way more ‘Wild Card squares’ than I hoped so will be getting my gambling scratch itched that way. So this all now means there is 1 space left for the last sweep stake and then I can make the video of the draw (and open the envelopes) and let you all know who your teams are.

Option B

The other option (and then I feel okay to take part) would be to bring all the envelopes with me on Saturday night and get the guys I am meeting up with to pick theirs (if they had a go) and then a proxy to pick all the peoples who are not meeting up with us Saturday night - leaving the last one left for myself. Naturally all this will be recorded and loaded up to here before the first wild card game starts - so everyone can know their draw before any of the post season games start. in fact that does sounds quite exciting to me - so what do you good folks above reckon - can we load a video up to here from the sports bar were are at before the game so people can come find out who they got before the game starts?

So what do you guys reckon - Option A or Option B?

Noel, I’m sure one of the gang will buy the last ticket - and if not, go for option b

I like Option B - hence saving all envelopes till tonight and then have witnesses I get last one left - I don’t pick! :smiley:

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Have you got all the entries you need Noel? If not, you can stick me down for one then I can send you the entry by Paypal.

Yeah sorry Adam I am having last one (Option B above) - hence no one knows who they got yet as be getting the guys draw envelopes tonight as soon as possible and then post on here who people got and hopefully someone record the opening as a video we can load on here from venue… is that possible?

Recording a video in a busy, noisy place might be a bit tricky, then uploading it (unedited) straight from a phone to here over 3G may be trickier… But perhaps if you setup a YouTube Streaming account and streamed it live via the YouTube Streaming app, that might work - I think it also saves it after the live recording (need to double check). Recording in a busy pub during a playoff game might be quite loud though.

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Not planning to do it that late am planning to do it earlier so hope who ever is first to arrive after me - or if anyone is there before me can do it then. But it’s all a learning experience this is a TFP night out on NFL lets make a video, take some pics get a review of the venues on here and let others see - maybe more will ant to join in next time then?

Didn’t see this. If anyone drops out I’ll jump in.

The team selections are in. Quick, bet against Noel’s Panthers!


Will try to stick the video for this up here shortly. The audio’s not too great so it won’t be too amazing. Just gotta create a new Youtube account… :expressionless:

I have a YouTube account if you send to me I can put on my YouTube and post a link here…

Probably have to do it my end as the compressed version of the video is 400Mb (started at 900Mb).

Okay… your the tech guru.

Here’s the video for your sweep stake picks. Audio’s a bit crummy given the noisy environment, but should be just about understandable.

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