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NFL Pick 'Em (£10 money League) - 2020/21


NFL UK have launched their Pick 'Em game again so I have set up a small stakes private money league again and hope more of you this year will have a go as I need a decent entry pool to make it both competitive and decent prize payouts as I’m paying top 3 at the conclusion of the game. So please share this information about and rope in any friends, family or acquaintances that you think might be up for this. The more the merrier!

So my private money league is £10 to enter with a top 3 payout as follows:


1st - 60%

2nd - 30%

3rd - 10%

Prizes are given as percentages as I don’t know how many entrants I will get but all entry fees go back out as prizes so the bigger the league the bigger the payouts.

So that’s it spread the word and get ya mates involved. All I ask is everyone who joins to have paid before the first game of NFL Week 2 starts.

The league name is: BLM NFL
The league code to join is: NLMESWK6

If you know you want in clicking this link should add you directly to the league:

BLM NFL / join league

If you don’t know the score regards how to make payment just contact me to ask (either e-mail me at my fantasy games addy or PM me from here on the TFP forum).

That’s it, hope to see you in my league soon.

bluelionman (Noel Symonds)

Clicked the link but it hasn’t put me in the league, also tried to search for it manually and no luck mate.

Ignore that mate i’m in

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Sent you Noel

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Just to confirm all have paid and so the prize pot this year is £90 with prizes paid out as follows:


1st (60%) - £54

2nd (30%) - £27

3rd (10%) - £9

I would of liked more than 9 entrants but I think so many people have their own Pick’em leagues it really spreads out the patrons over so many competing money leagues. However I will run this annually as long as NFL UK keep running the game and in my league it will always be a pay out for top 3 so please spread the word for next season - it’s actually a good way to get ya non NFL fanatical mates into following the NFL as its’ real simple - pick who to win and even the uninformed have a 50/50 shot at being right each game.


1st (60%) £54 - Kieran Ellis - My TE Ertz When Eifert / Kieran_Ellis (171)
2nd (30%) £27 - Andy Dünner - I hate 2020 / duenni (171)
3rd (10%) £9 - Dale Elstone - Fitzmagic you Knooooow / Delstone (160)

Wow it couldn’t have been tighter for first place this season with it going to the Margin Tie-breaker.