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NFL PERFECT CHALLENGE (NFL.com) 2017 Money League

NFL.com have re-launched ‘Perfect Challenge’ again for the forth coming NFL season so I have set up a private money league on this game. This money league pays out prizes for the top 3 players at the end of the game. However as I can’t be sure how many entrants I will get I have made the prize pay outs percentages - so the more entrants I end up getting the bigger the monetary prizes will be. My private mini league fee remains £10 per entrant and the prize pay outs will be as follows at the conclusion of the game:

1st - 60%
2nd - 30%
3rd - 10%

If your taking part in my money league your entry must be showing in my private league before the first game of the regular season kicks off (*Thursday, September 7th) and payment must be made before the start of NFL Week 2’s games. Late entrants or non payers will be deleted from the league (unless an extension has been personally agreed with me). If you don’'t see me in person and don’t know the score regards paying remotely please contact me (send a PM via here - TFP).

(*FYI the first game UK time will start 1:30am Friday morning)

League URL: BLM NFL Perfect Challenge Private Money League Group link

The league name is: BLM NFL
The league password is: ---------

Best regards,

BLUELIONMAN (aka Noel Symonds)

Can I make money off it? I’m a little sick of Party Time Online. I want to com back to my football passion

@fanbrits Did you join this league?

Noel, that user is just a spam bot (albeit an amusing one)…

What the F is a spam bot?
Should we delete it, ban it?

It’s an automated account that posts links to other sites. I think Adam already banned it.

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Can now confirm everyone has paid up.

Would of liked (and to be honest expected) way more entries but it is what it is.

So can confirm for 2017 NFL Perfect Challenge pay outs are as follows:


1st (60%) - £36
2nd (30%) - £18
3rd (10%) - £6

Spread the word as I will be doing a £10 money league on NFL Play Off Challenge when the time comes with the same percentages as prizes so more entrants bigger the prize pot.

I didn’t cash this year but here’s a final screen grab showing who did:


1st (60%) - £36 - Douglas Hay / McBear
2nd (30%) - £18 - Tony Hamm / silverflash
3rd (10%) - £6 - Gary Johnson /