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NFL off season

What is it with players in free agency going to their team’s biggest rival?

Andre Johnson’s just left the Texans to go to our hated nemesis, the Colts, and DeMarco Murray leaves the Cowboys to join the Philadelphia Shitbirds. If they’d literally picked just about any other team, but no…

Do. Not. Like.

I love it, just adds extra spice for me ; )

I honestly think I enjoy he off season more than the season lol

I thought I was a strange one but that does not compute with me!!!

No, No, No - I hate off season - roll on September when it’s not a Football World Cup Year (when in our normal UK summer time)!

It has really been a year for going to rivals for a fair few of the trades. A few surprise retirements too. But hey that’s sport.

All it seems to do for me is wet the appetite for the season to get going again. Its a very long down hill run from the draft to kick off.

I hear you the Steelers, the summer months leading up to the season are the worst. I do enjoy the drama thrown up by the combine and draft however…

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So Cecil Shorts The Third is a Texan now! Maybe I can draft him this year!

(And better still, Vince Wilfork leaving the Pats to join the Texans, alongside J.J. Watt and Clowney. Mmm!)

as a niner i can definately say im not enjoying this off season it gets worse on a daily basis lol

borland retired yesterday after 1 year in the league

I hear you now have Reggie Bush down in San Fran.

yep which is good but lost frank gore,patrick willis (my absolute favourite player retired at 30), crabtree,stevie johnson,iupati,borland (retired 24) justin smith (back bone of our defense will probably retire),chris culliver ,perrish cox, bruce miller arrested on charges of spousal battery of course we lost coach harbaugh at the end of the season and most of our coaching staff its apparently probably the worst off season for any team in the nfl ever lol but weve made some good signings too so heres to a good draft

I have liked the Niners since being a boy, I agree they are up sh*t street

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Greg Hardy to the cowbow’s possibly - Very Very Interesting…

Greg Hardy (The Kraken!) from the Panthers to the Cowboys for $13M for one year. Looks like the Cowboys could have an impressive defense this season! (Even though last season’s totally unrated defense ended up being pretty good.)

Watt + Clowney + Wilfork might just make the Texans the best D in the league though. If we weren’t already up there. All hope for Houston lies on Mallet being a decent QB though…

I agree Adam, The Texans are looking real good on that side of the ball… If Clowney comes good.

Just been catching up on the NFL news…

So there’s a player who was about the 150th to be selected in our live draft last year. He goes on to get a moderate 600 yards and is therefore the 16th best tight end in fantasy in 2014. And so the Bills pay him $38M to get him from the Dolphins?!?! Hats off to Charles Clay’s agent! Wow


I don’t watch college football but my goodness this is some highlight reel - this dude has after burners!

Introducing 'The Black Mamba', De'Anthony Thomas. Best College highlight reel in history.

Posted by The Daily Blitz on Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Delighted that DAT is a Chief!
He had a nice first season for us, including this punt return TD against the Raiders

Really hoping to see him, Jamaal Charles and Knile Davis make up a 3 headed rushing attack this year - to go alongside the threat of Jeremy Maclin plus our newly drafted star rookie WR up the field. Oh, and Travis Kelce too. Wow, we are going to win it all this year, I have convinced myself :slight_smile:

Not in London though hopefully. :stuck_out_tongue:

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