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NFL Gamblers Soap Box

Hi All,

Seems like a decent time to start a thread relating to NFL betting for the upcoming season. Please feel free to add your thoughts, tips or bets here…

I try to avoid weekly betting if I can and instead go for season long efforts, here are mine, backed this evening…

Divisional Winners

Bungals 5/2
Vikes 7/1

Rookie’s of the year

M Mariota 17/2
L Williams 5/1

The big ones are the Bengals and Williams, I see the Bengals div being a 2 horse race and I think they have all the peaces required. Williams is playing in a D that will give him the chance to make plays and stand out.

It was Dean that put me on to the Vikes (thanks), if they can keep Teddy up & Peterson healthy I see them pushing the packers this year and 7/1 just seemed tempting. I am also tempted to put one more bet down on an offensive rookie longshot, not sure which yet.

*Better prices are available if you shop around.

Good luck punters.

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Good to see the Bungals and Mariota bets start off well, I like the Mariota bet so much now that I was surprised to see PP still have him at 5/1!! I logged back in and put down some more :flushed:

Noel, if your reading this you might want to get on Mariota. You like people to share tips or bets which they feel strongly about, well as you will appreciate there are no certainties and all it takes is an injury to the wrong player but I like Mariota at 5’s a lot. I think Abdullah is his main rival so if you get on you may want to spread your money across both or small stake Abdullah to get your bet on Mariota covered.

Other bets such as the Vikes & Matt Jones are off to a slow start and I watch on with interest but don’t hold off much hope… which is ok, if either Mariota or Bungals come in I shall be in a good place :stuck_out_tongue:

As for Williams, off to an ok start with plenty of time to come on strong in the coming weeks.

Good luck to all who play the markets.

Divisional Bets:

Bungals off to a great start, hoping and expecting the Ravens to beat the Steelers this week which would be a great result for this bet.

Vikings are starting to get something going at 2-1 but will have an endless task chasing the cheese heads all season, especially if they continue to refuse to throw the ball, whats up with Teddy? Does anybody else suspect he has a limiting injury? Simply does not look like the same player at this point.

Rookies of the year

Mariota doing well with Titans 1-2 but in each loss he showed loads of composure and comebacks looked possible late in each game. 8 wins in the season will be enough for him to be in with a good chance. Cooper now his main threat so I might have a cover bet.

Leonard Williams, not making a lot of noise and its going to be interesting to see what occurs once Richardson comes back in week 5.

Matt Jones really needs to grab the lead role in the skins back field to have a chance.

Super bowl Winner, took the Cardinals at 18s this week.

Does anybody else have season long bets they are willing to share?


Thanks for all the tips Gordon - I like the Cardinals not done any season long bets yet think getting burnt on S/B and on two £10 Patents last week on NFL that blew up (So £140 down the pan there alone) have not really felt the urge. Maybe if I can still get 15 or above on Cards might have £50 e/w on them… as for your Mariota Rookie’s of the year bet never done this sort of bet but if he’s still a good price will have a tickle to have some extra interest.

Hi Noel,

Thanks for adding to the thread dude. I understand where your coming from there and of course I’m just posting my season long bets here to share them, keep track of my own bets across multiple bookies and hoping to hear from others who also have season long bets. Its obviously up to you and others whether they take any of it as good advice and get on board. Things are looking good early but as you will appreciate there is a long way to go.

Having just checked Mariota is still 11/2 with paddypower according to oddschecker which is still a decent price imo with perhaps small cover bets on Cooper and Abdullah. The Cardinals are now 14/1 which is less value obviously.

Good luck to you fella.

So after 7 weeks, things are looking ok but not as rosey as before…

Bengals - If they win the div I have covered my expenditure. That said I think the Steelers are still a threat 3 games back, so much so that I had a bet on them at 25/1 for the SB this week.

Vikings - This was always a long shot with the packers in the mix, that said the Vikes are going ok and the Packers face off v the Broncos this week in Denver, if the Cheeseheads lose this gets plenty interesting.

Mariota - He wont win the rookie of the year while not playing, he needs to come back with a bang… which is possible but Gurley is the heavy favourite now.

L Williams - Getting better each week by all accounts but not making game changing plays, until he does that consistently I dont see him winning anythng.

Superbowl -

Cardinals - Going ok

Steelers - The season is long, BB is coming back, they have a better D than I expected which is improving all the time and they have the best O in all of football… A run well into the playoffs is v possible and I think they are over priced by about 7 or 8 points. They cant afford to falter much however.

Need the Vikings to win this week and it would be good to see Panthers do over the Packers.

Mariota back with a bang, Vikings on level playing field with under achieving Cheeseheads, Big Ben crooked again means Bengals almost home with the win… :wink:

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I’m eagerly watching the Bungals finish off their season, I need one more win for them to clinch the Div and therefore win me enough return to cover off all my season long bets. That includes mid season punts on the Cards and Steelers for the SB at 18 and 25s (interesting!)

Still a small chance the Vikes pull off the div win but I’m not holding my breath.

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Bungals has been paid out, I’m almost level for all season long punts. I need the a win for the Vikes tonight to take me well into profit.

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Great call on Bengals / Vikings from way back pre season - wish I had followed you !

Thank. Actually it was Dean that pointed me towards the big prices about the Vikes, 7/1 was just too big for me to pass ; )

50% up at this point

I’m looking at the Seahawks and thinking 6/1 looks nice. Not just because they are on a roll & had a blow out win v the Cards last night but actually because their Oline held up really well v the Cards pass rush and now Lynch is on his way back! Is it just me?

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Well, they’ve got to get past the Skins first :wink:

As a single bet I only managed to get 6-1, I suspect the Jordy Nelson injury weakened the Packers chances. Shame I didn’t manage to parlay any other winners with this one. I cant recall the Redskins price but I suspect it would have been equally good value in a ‘4-horse’ race.

Watch out for this type of bet next season, there is always tasty prices after the trendy ‘big name’ favorites.

Cheers Dean, it was a good shout.

As for my dream of a Steelers v Cardinals finale, well that looks bust now Bust