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NFL Fantasy Weekly Pick'em (NFL.com) 2016/17 money league

NFL.com have re-launched ‘Weekly Pick’em’ again for the forth coming NFL season so I have set up a private money league on this game again. The entrance fee remains a tenner (£10) with a pay out for the top 3 players at the end of the game (same as last season). However as I can’t be sure how many entrants I will get this year, have made the prize pay outs percentages - so the more entrants I end up getting the bigger the monetary prizes will be. The prize pay outs will be as follows at the conclusion of the game:

1st - 60%

2nd - 30%

3rd - 10%

If your taking part in my money league your entry must be showing in my private league before the first game of the regular season kicks off (Thursday, September 8th) and payment must be made before the start of NFL Week 2’s games. Late entrants or non payers will be deleted from the league.

League URL: BLM NFL private group

The league name is: BLM NFL
The league password is: 10bigones

Best regards,

BLUELIONMAN (aka Noel Symonds)

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I’m in again Noel

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This is a great game, personally I’d like the entrance fee to be more. It’s a season long game so would like to see it worth the time and effort.

It only takes a few seconds to pick who you think will win and not everyone’s a gambler so if the fee was more am sure it would cut by half the number of entrants I get.

If you like a big stakes prediction thingy that game Dean did well in last season run buy SpreadEx or whoever it was seems right up your alley as think entry fee was £150 so well worth the time and effort you put in as prizes was in the thousands I think.


Noel - are you going to send and email round to your BLM games mailing list as well? We’re currently the only teams registered in the league, which is a bit cosy! Given we’re only just over a week away from kickoff, it might be worth sending an email around as well.

I did - everyone who was in my list I tried to send an e-mail to but have to send it out about 10 times to hit everyone as since I was forcibly upgraded to Outlook from Hotmail (which I hate btw). Firstly I can no longer send a mail to all in one go anymore because the contacts come up in a box and now as I select them it pushes the box down till it goes off the screen and thus I cant use the slider to go down anymore to more contacts so have to remember where I was - send it and then find in my sent folder and click forward and delete all my address crap off the top and start over from where I was on my contact list… also the arrow keys no longer work to navigate on the contacts box - if I try it closes the box and have to start again - so have to use the mouse and the slide bar but it jumps to far with one click so its so easy to miss contacts out… however I did spend about 45mins sending that e-mail out to everyone I thought would be interested the other night there but I have no faith in Microsoft actually delivering all the e-mails hence why I now post all my games on TFP to now. :sweat:

Fair enough Noel - I would have been on your email list but don’t seem to have got that email (I’ve only got ones about Premiership games and McBears game).

Are you running Survivor, Perfect Challenge or Thursday Night Football Challenge games this year?

That’s troubling you didn’t get e-mail makes me wonder did anyone?
& yes I will be doing leagues on all those games just finding time to set up and send out e-mails which I wonder if I’m wasting my time doing as Outlook is a heap of crap. Seriously thinking of switching to yahoo.

Great news re the other games, I’ll be in for all of them.

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I wish it didn’t take so long to send e-mails now using Outlook - but if not many join I will try resending them again a second time once I’ve sent all games info out at least 1 time. Doesn’t hurt to spread the word for me though and link peeps to posts here on TFP of these games who you know maybe played last year or anyone new who you think might like to join us. :sunglasses:

I’ll do my best Noel when I get a chance.

Just so you know, the only new email I received last night so far is re the sweepstake, but seeing as that’s all that’s on TFP as well, maybe that’s correct.

Yeah - just got to tired will continue tonight right now need get to town get a hair cut and phone Toby. Shame whether is overcast was a lovely day yesterday.

Hi Noel, I’m in and I’ve just sent payment.

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I’ve entered, will Paypal you in the next day or two, hope I remember to do it before Thursday kick-off :smiley:

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@ryan_douse - I got it - guessing your entry is ryanardo64 right?

@neonadam - no probs am a few days behind with e-mails so will get to it - working my way through them in chronological order.

Have fun all who is playing this game.

Yes I’am ryanardo64 :+1:

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Hi Noel, I made a mistake last week and made my picks on my other account and not the one I’ve entered the league with. As I was unaware I had two accounts I tried adding myself to the group again and found I had two accounts. Therefore if you could delete the ryandouse picks please. Ryanardo64 is the one I’m using, I’ve just lost out on a weeks picks that’s all but it was my fault.

@ryan_douse - Just done this for you buddy.



PS I don’t appear to have you in my e-mail contacts list (as I tried to reply to you direct from my e-mail and you didn’t come up in my contacts) so wondered if you wanted to be added?
What that would mean is most likely when I have a money game kicking off you’d get a direct e-mail about such and that’s pretty much it. If you want to be added just PM me your e-mail addy and I’ll add you.

Hi Noel,

Thanks for that. Also my email address is ryan_douse@yahoo.co.uk if you want to add me to the email list :+1:


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