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NFL Fantasy Weekly Pick'em 2015/16


NFL.com have re-launched ‘Weekly Pick’em’ again for the forth coming NFL season so I have set up a private money league on this game again. The entrance fee remains a tenner (£10) with a pay out for the top 3 players at the end of the game (same as last season). However as I can’t be sure how many entrants I will get this year, have made the prize pay outs percentages - so the more entrants I end up getting the bigger the monetary prizes will be. The prize pay outs will be as follows at the conclusion of the game:

1st - 60%
2nd - 30%
3rd - 10%

If your taking part in my money league your entry must be showing in my private league before the first game of the regular season kicks off (Thursday, September 10th) and payment must be made before the start of NFL Week 2’s games. Late entrants or non payers will be deleted from the league (and subject to a 1 year ban from all money games/schemes I run).

League URL: BLM NFL private NFL Pick’em group

The league name is: BLM NFL
The league password is: 10bigones

I’m in. I believe I came 2nd last year (was it new guy James who came first?).

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T’was I :smile:

Look forward to duking it out with you again. Last year was my first year doing pickem so I expect it was just beginners luck :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m in again Noel - have emailed you

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Beginners luck my arse - as you have cleaned up again…

Any way here is a screen shot of this years final table:

So actual Pay Outs for NFL 2015/16 season are:

Position - Prize - name / TFP username - Final Score

1st (60%) £72 James Taylor / jrt55555 - 2140
=2nd (20%) £24 Christopher Jennings / chrisj2812 - 2120
=2nd (20%) £24 Daniel Nichols - 2120

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Well Done James.

Good chance of a 2016 hat-trick

Thanks Dean, I’ll definitely be back to try!

@bluelionman - Hi Noel - are you still doing a pickem league this year? Conscious we’re days away from the kickoff game so getting a bit tight.

I certainly am - I know its late but been so busy - good news is I am on leave (week off work) next week so after live draft in Southampton 2moro I’ll focus on getting all remaining games done. Only other event I have planned is England game at Wembley Monday night.

Any one can do there entries just have to join my money league when I kick them off. Right now cheat sheet compiling for 2moro.

Keep working on that cheat sheet Noel, see ya tomorrow. Don’t Oversleep!!!

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Or miss your bus, tread in dog poop, get punched, shot at or attacked by pigeons

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Very interested if you still have spaces available?


Not set it up yet but will do - just keep an the on the boards - your be more than welcome to join.