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NFL Fantasy Survivor!‏

NFL.com have launched this game again for this season that I enjoyed last year so have set up my own private money league on it again.
I have made it a one and done league - so there is no lives in this money league.

I’m making this one £10 in per entrant and as the league name suggests this one is ‘Winner Takes All’.

However when and if it gets down to just two survivors and they both get eliminated the same week I will re-activate them both (as a sort of tiebreaker) so they can continue on to find an outright winner but if they are both still alive at the end of the game then they will both be declared as joint winners and the pot split between them.

Anyone can join but must be showing in my money league before the start of the game (so that will be Thursday September 10th).
Once you have joined my league please e-mail me to say so and arrange payment - PayPal, Cheque, cash - all’s good.

My PayPal e-mail address is blmfantasygames@hotmail.co.uk

To join my private league:-


League Password: 2ndTimeLucky

League URL: Click to join this money league on NFL.com

In for this one too Noel! Have emailed you

Noel - Just sent you a tenner for Entry to this comp

Same as Dean…


Yep, I’m in too. Thanks for all your money guys :slight_smile:

All good just behind losing net mate - so gutted I never see your Jones Packers tip till after the event. :frowning:

Well guys we have a winner - step forward Andy Watt (AWNFL on here). Commiserations have to go to Andy Duenner (duenni) who thought he’d won but got disqualified on count back (picked the Packers twice - WK1 & WK4). Alas I was not able to restart just the players I wanted to when a league finished so had to make up a whole new league - thus allowing you to be able to pick from all teams again - so it was my own internal rules posted on the message board warning everyone to make sure they did not pick any teams they had already done so before in the previous league. Hopefully this message gets through for next season - or even better NFL.com allow me to restart just the players I wish to once a league has finished rather than the whole league only! Lastly commiserations also have to go to James Taylor (jrt55555) who came 2nd losing by picking the SF49’ers in NFL WK14!