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NFL FANTASY SURVIVOR - 2020 (NFL.com) £10 Money League

NFL.com have launched this game again for the new season which in previous seasons I’ve really enjoyed playing. So yet again I have set up my own private money league on it. I have made it a one and done league - so there are no extra lives in this money league.

I’m making it the same entry cost as last year - £10 in per entrant - and as the league name suggests this one is ‘Winner Takes All’.

However when and if it gets down to just two survivors and they both get eliminated the same week I will re-activate them both (as a sort of tiebreaker) so they can continue on to find an outright winner but if they are both still alive at the end of the game then they will both be declared as joint winners and the pot split between them.

Anyone can join but must be showing in my money league before the start of the game (so that will be Thursday September 10th - which is actually 1:20am Friday morning 10th September UK time).

Once you have joined my league please PM me from TFP or e-mail me (if you have my fantasy games address) to say you have and what your entry name in the league is, plus arrange payment. If you don’t see me in person and don’t know the score regards paying remotely please contact me (send a PM via here TFP forum or a direct e-mail if you have my blm fantasy games addy to enquire how to do so).

To join this private money league, follow the League URL below and sign up.

League Password: A6thSense

League URL: BLM’s NFL Fantasy Survivor Group

best regards,

bluelionman (Noel Symonds)

PS Why not make your entry name your ‘TFP Forum Username’ (if your registered here).

I’ve joined and sent Noel :+1:

1a1n is my username on NFL I believe

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Joined and sent Noel

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@melstone - what’s your entry name in the Group please Matt (I think its ‘matt1468’s picks 2’ but want to be sure).

Just confirming 15 entered in to my league this year and all have paid so £150 for the lucky winner - which won’t be me as I got eliminated first week - hut damn 49’ers!. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :football: :sob:

Hut damn, two years in a row Daniel Nichols banks in this game - however he don’t have to share it this year.

1st (£150) mclaren39 / Daniel Nichols

I hope all of you and more besides will wish to play again next season (assuming NFL.com run the game again).