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NFL Fantasy Keeper League

would anyone be interested in starting a Keeper league for the upcoming fantasy season?
I’ve never taken part in one before but really like the idea of it.
Any thoughts or interest?

Cheers, Mike

Hi mike yes I will be watch this pace be releasing details after the weekend?

Possibly Mike - are looking for definitely a keeper league as opposed to dynasty? And are you looking for this to be all online, or with a live draft to kick things off (as we have with the TFP Originals and TFP Challengers leagues)

I had a go at getting a longer running league going last season, but could only find 7 managers in total - so they are out there but harder to find than for single-season leagues! (when that long running league folded due to low numbers, that was why I then started the Fan Pub Fun league instead, which you joined last year)

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Hi, I’ve not given it much thought between keeper or Dynasty. Do you have any preference. I’ve not played either format.
I’d imagine doing it online just because it’s more convenient , but again opening to suggestions

I would be interested in something, depending on the set up. Would probably need it based online to make it easier.

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There will be an update by Friday on this !!

Next Friday!!!

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No by Man Friday! I’d say it’ll be more like Monday until we’ve decided on all the settings. I can tell you that it’ll be a dynasty league so big rosters of 20-25 players and all teams will have to choose a real NFL or College team to make it more thematic. It’ll hopefully have 14 teams, one division so everyone plays each other once. I think we are leaning to snake drafting (possibly including bonsai to make is fairer if you get a later pick or separate veteran rookie and veteran draft reversing the draft order) by e-mail over time and starting as soon as it filled but it could still be an online auction. Everyone will have to pay a one off retainer or bonus fee to discourage people dropping out. So the entry fee will either be £30 + 15 retainer or £50 and a £25 retainer. The idea being that is someone drops out they lose their retainer. If we have to offer a new manager an incentive if it’s a really poor team this will be taken from the retainer/bonus fund. The bonus pot can be won in 2 ways. One if you have the perfect season and win every game. Two if you win the league for a second time. All money will be paid out during the course of the competition. Scoring to be decided.