This game is designed for both the casually interested beginner as well as the well-versed fan.

This game is extremely short as the playoffs last for just 1 month (14 Jan. - 12 Feb.)

The cost of entry will be £10 per team - trades (changes) are free.

6 or less entries = Winner Takes All - meaning all the entry money will go to the winner.
7+ entries = 1st & 2nd place prizes - worked out and advised by me once number of entries is known.


All you have to do is pick a team of players from the list provided below (see link at end of this e-mail) within the budget of $57 Million. The system is simple. You must select a Head Coach, one Quarter-Back, two Running Backs, two Wide Receivers, one Tight End, a Kicker and a Team Defence.

Anyone who scores a touchdown gets six points, just like the real thing. If a *Quarterback throws a touchdown pass he also scores three points. If anyone returns a fumble or an interception for a TD then the Defence scores six, they also score two for a safety. Kickers get three points for a field goal and one for extra points (PAT’s - Point After Touchdown‘s), while anyone scoring a two-point conversion scores two points. If a *QB throws a two-point pass he scores an additional one.

*Also, any other player who acts as a QB and throws a TD pass or two-point conversion will also score the relevant QB throwing points. For example, a Kicker or Running Back on trick plays.

Head Coach’s score 6 points for (post season) wins.

Also, this may be different from First Down’s old game but to clear up any confusion any offensive player who scores a TD while playing on Special Teams or Defence will also get credited the points for any TD they score as well as the Defence/Special Teams Unit as a whole. Something to bear in mind. Example a WR also doubles up as his team’s kick/punt returner and takes one all the way back for a Touchdown - he will earn 6 points himself for the T.D. but at the same time his team’s Defence will also earn 6 points… nice if you have both the scoring player and the team Defence!

Finally, all points will be doubled for the final itself (the Super Bowl). So, a Head Coach nets 12 points for the win, each TD is worth 12 points, FG’s 6 etc.

Scores will be worked out using the official stats on the NFL GSIS website.

Entrants will be sent an e-mail with a link to a spreadsheet on Google Sheets website listing everyone’s teams entered as soon as the first playoff game starts (9:30pm GMT Saturday January 14th). I will endeavour to have all team line ups entered onto this spreadsheet ASAP after this deadline so you can see everything is open and above board, as well as allowing you to follow the playoffs more closely on TV, Radio and via the internet, if you so choose. (You’ll even be able to work out the team points for yourself should you like to). I will also advise at this time the number of entrants and projected prize money pay-out(s).

I will update the individual players scores weekly on Google Sheets and also use Google Sheets to produce a Standings Table updated between each Play Off round.


You can trade one player/position after each round of games meaning over the course of the playoffs you can make a maximum of only three player/position changes. Your team’s value still cannot exceed $57 million after you have traded. You do not have to trade; your team can remain the same from start to finish. However you must submit your trade before the start of the following rounds game(s) by e-mail to me at my fantasy games addy - this can also be done by sending me a PM (Private Message) from the TFP forum.

Please help me by putting ’ NFL FG PLAYOFFS Trade ’ in the subject header line. Updated team line ups will be made on the Google Sheets spreadsheet. Each trade deadline is the start of first game of each round and by midnight 11th February - going into Sunday 12th February for the Super Bowl itself. This is because I usually go to a Super Bowl party so to take the pressure off me and to let everyone know each other’s final line ups before the Super Bowl starts the deadline is the night before to give me time to get the spreadsheet updated with people’s final trades. TBH the earlier everyone gets their final trade in to me the better as it really helps take the pressure off me.

There are 3 trade windows - one after each Playoff round:

WILD CARD GAMES - Jan. 14 - 17

trade window 1


trade window 2


trade window 3

SUPER BOWL LV - Feb 12th

So that is it - BEST OF LUCK

Entry Form


                      Player                Team                Value $


                         Total Value              (maximum $57)


Cut and paste the above form (within the dotted lines) into an e-mail or PM (on TFP) - fill it in (with your chosen players and contact details) then send it to me (making sure it reaches me before the deadline for entry).

ON-LINE PLAYERS LIST (Remember to only choose players from teams still involved in the postseason - this list is the same as used in my season long version of this game):

NFL Players List (Gridiron Game) 2022/23

I have far to many games I am running for the Play Offs that I won’t get everything tied up before start of first game and I wish to watch the games so am posting my team here before start of first PlayOff game for transparancy:


Okay all teams are now live on Google Sheets (follow this link):


This year I got 14 entries (half thanks to one person). So as per rules there will be 2 prizes which are as follows:

Prize Payouts

1st - £100
2nd - £40

Thanks for taking part and remember you get to make 1 trade after each round.

Current Standings Table can be viewed here: Gridiron Playoffs 2023 - Standings Table

Just posting my team with it’s 1 Trade for the Divisional Playoffs (Round 2) for transparancy. All teams trades will be added to the entered teams Google Sheet at Kick Off of the first Divisional Playoffs game (or sooner if everyone has submitted their trades before then / let me know their not making one this round).


FYI - All teams for the Divisional Playoffs (Round 2) have been updated on the Entered Teams Google Sheet.

FYI - everybody has got their trades in for the Conference Championships (Round 3) so new look teams are now posted live on the Entered Teams Google Sheet here:


As I am here, am also posting my new look team to (for transparency):


@brfcfan Just waiting on your final Trade for 3rd and final Trade Window and then I can publish teams ready for Super Bowl tonight as everyone else has submitted theirs already. Thanks.

Okay all everyone has got their final trade in so I have updated the Entered Teams Google Sheet and made everyones Super Bowl teams public:

Gridiron Playoffs 2023 - Final Standings Table

So a big well done to those of you bringing in Eagles QB Jalen Hurts for the Super Bowl as with his 3 rushing TD’s, 1 throwing TD along with a 2pt conversion scoing a whopping 46 points (23 x 2 with double points in Super Bowl) propelled the the cashers to 1st and 2nd in this game. It’s gauling to know had I done the same trade I would of not only cashed but won this game. Those are the fine margins with double bubble (points) on offer in the Super Bowl itself!

So this years winner Andy Smith (Rick_Spangle) pockets a (ton) £100 with only his second ever Gridiron Playoffs win (his first coming way back in the 2011/12 season. Runner up quadrupling his entry fee and collecting £40 is Mark Pearson. I will now up date the Winner History for this game here:


I will be running this game again (as well as a season long version) next season - new players are always welcome - as well as retruning players. Look out for details here on TFP shortly before next season starts (for the season long version) and again just before the playoffs start for this standalone playoff version of the game. :football: :football: