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NFL FANTASY GRIDIRON (AMERICAN FOOTBALL) 2020/21 (Season Long Game) £15 Money League

This game is a resurrection of the now defunct ‘First Down’ American Football newspaper fantasy football game. So will be familiar to those of you that used to play that publications fantasy NFL football game back in the day!

However unlike that game this version runs for the entire NFL season (from September 10th, 2020 thru to the Super Bowl final on February 7th, 2021).

The cost of entry will be £15 per team which will go to make up the prize fund.
£10 from each entry fee will go to make up the 1st prize and £5 to the 2nd prize.
So it’s simple - the more entrants the bigger the 2 prizes.


All you have to do is pick a team of players from the list provided following this link:

NFL Players List (GridIron Game) 2020/21

Any player not listed you can request and I will add them. I have tried my best to update all players to their current teams if you spot any mistakes please inform me so I can correct them.

You must stay within the budget of $57 Million. (Yes - this is the first ever salary cap increase in this game - up from $48 Million). A rise of $9 million making those super expensive premium players (highest price band is - $24m) a little more viable. You might ask why $57 million and for those that don’t know I am a Detroit Lions fan and the last time Detroit won a championship was 1957. So this will remind me and there will not be another price rise until such time as the Detroit Lions win a Super Bowl!

Just create your team by filling in the form at the end of this e-mail and send it to me before the deadline which is the start of the first game of the NFL regular season - (Thursday 10th September). The system is simple. You must select one Quarter-Back, two Running Backs, one Tight End, two Wide Receivers, a Kicker, a Head Coach and a Team Defense.

Anyone who scores a touchdown gets six points, just like the real thing. If a *Quarterback throws a touchdown pass he also scores three points. If anyone returns a fumble or an interception for a TD then the Defense scores six, they also score two for a safety. Kickers get three points for a field goal and one for extra points (PAT’s - Point After Touchdown‘s), while anyone scoring a two-point conversion scores two points. If a *QB throws a two-point pass he scores an additional one.

*Also any other player who acts as a QB and throws a TD pass or two-point conversion will also score the relevant QB throwing points. For example a Kicker or Running Back on trick plays.

New last year to mirror the change in the real NFL if PAT’S are blocked and returned they earn 2 points so this will also apply to the relevant fantasy teams Defense.

Additionally in this game (different from how First Down’s was) Defenses will incorporate special teams plays - so all punt and kick off returns that go for a TD will earn 6 points for the relevant Defense. Furthermore the individual player on a special teams play that scores will also earn the same number of points as awarded to the Defense. So for instance if you have a WR, RB or TE also on return duties and he takes one to the house not only will the Defense score 6 points he will individually himself to.

Head Coach scoring

Your Head Coach will score three points for every game his team wins and one point for any game that finishes as tied in the regular season. However Head Coaches will score 6 points for post season wins.

Also Head Coaches will earn a bonus of 6 points if their team makes the playoffs. This bonus is doubled (to 12) if your coach is your original HC and you have not changed him at all since the commencement of the game. Only the HC on your teams roster at the end of the regular season (WK 17) qualifies for the bonus points (if applicable) and these points are added to the Head Coach’s score for Week 17. Also a further bonus of 6 points is awarded to each Head Coach that wins their division - this bonus is awarded and applied to all applicable Head Coach’s in Week 17 (However please note - there is no doubling up of this bonus for original HC’s).

Finally points will be doubled for the final itself (the Super Bowl).

Scores will be worked out using the official stats on the NFL’s GSIS (Game Statistics & Information System) website.

Every entrant will be sent a link to a Google Sheets spread sheet listing everyone’s teams between the start of NFL Week 1’s first game and the main tranche of games that start on the Sunday (September 13th). This is so you can see everything is open and above board, as well as allowing you to follow the season more closely on TV and via the internet, if you so choose. (You’ll even be able to work out the team points for yourself should you like to). My team entries will be sent by e-mail to every entrant at kick-off of that first Thursday night opening season game to show there is no funny business.

An updated weekly league table will be kept on a separate Google Sheet here (I suggest saving the link to your bookmarks):

Gridiron Game (Season Long) 2020/21 - Standings Table

It will be updated weekly before the followings weeks first games starts.

On the Google Sheets ‘Gridiron Game (Season Long) 2020/21 - Entered Teams’ spread sheet each teams individual player scores will be updated weekly so you can see how you are doing compared to your rivals. This is also where teams will be updated after each trade window.

TRADES - You can trade up to three player/positions at each trade window. Your team’s value still cannot exceed $57 million after you have traded. You do not have to trade, your team can remain the same from start to finish. However you must submit your trade(s) before the start of the following weeks games by e-mail to me. If you don’t know my direct e-mail addy just send me a PM (Private Message) from here on TFP - as these also get forwarded to me by e-mail.

Please make sure you put ‘NFL Trades’ in the subject header line. Updated team line ups will be entered on the Google Sheets team entries page and be viewable to everyone after each trade deadline.

There are 3 trade windows during the season, they are:

between Weeks 6 and 7 (trades will take effect from Thur. Oct. 22th 2020)

between Weeks 11 and 12 (trades will take effect from Thur. Nov. 26th 2020)


Between the end of the Regular Season and the start of the Playoffs

(trades will take effect from Sat. January 9th 2021)

So that’s it - BEST OF LUCK - Noel (aka bluelionman)

Previous winners history of this game:


2008/09 - [**TIE] - NOEL SYMONDS - FD LIVES ON! - 610 - £37.50
[**TIE] - DOUGLAS HAY - GAMU BEARS - 610 - £37.50
2009/10 - NOEL SYMONDS - WHO DAT! - 560 - £50
2010/11 - STEVE BETTELEY - ARCTIC TERNS - 693 - £40
2011/12 - DOUGLAS HAY - McBEARS BEARS - 794 - £40
2012/13 - DOUGLAS HAY - TOOTHLESS BEARS - 600 - £50
2013/14 - ROBERT McGREGOR - THE DUBLIN GOATS - 583 - £70
2014/15 - KARL DALE - 1st AND THEN - 649 - £130
2017/18 - NOEL SYMONDS - SALARY CAP CRUSADERS - 630 - £190
2018/19 - DOUGLAS HAY - GAMU BEARS - 770 - £200
2019/20 - NOEL SYMONDS - THE ASTURIAN’S - 669 - £170

** = Joint Winners


Player Team Value $


Total Value (maximum $57)

If you don’t see me in person and don’t know the score regarding payment then please contact me for payment information. You can do this by Private Messaging (PM’ing) me from the TFP forum. Thanks.

So no one says I cheated am posting my teams before start of first game of Week 1.

I have done 2 entries myself this season:

NFL FANTASY GRIDIRON (Season Long game) League Table

The above link will take you to the current league table on Google Sheets that will be updated weekly throughout the season.

Gridiron Game (Season Long) 2020/21 - Entered Teams

The above link will take you to every entrants current team line-ups, with the individual players weekly scores along with each teams trades (at the 3 trade windows) which will be updated weekly throughout the season.


Trade Window 1 has arrived (between NFL Weeks 6 & 7).

Trades must be submitted to me by e-mail or PM from here (TFP forum) before the start of the first game of NFL Week 7. Which looks to be TNF (Giants@Eagles) 8:20pm US ET.

My Trades for trade window 1 are as follows - posted here before start of 1st game of NFL Week 7 to prove there is no funky business from me. All other entrants trades will be released ASAP and before main slate of games on Sunday at the latest.


Trade Window 2 has arrived (between NFL Weeks 11 & 12).

Trades must be submitted to me by e-mail or PM from here (TFP forum) before the start of the first game of NFL Week 12. Which looks to be Thursday (Texans@Lions) 12:30pm US ET.

My Trades for trade window 2 are as follows - posted here before start of 1st game of NFL Week 12 to prove there is no funky business from me. All other entrants trades will be released ASAP once deadline is reached (start of 1st game today - Thanks Giving day).

TRADE WINDOW 3 (Final Trade Window)

Trade Window 3 has arrived (between the end of the Regular Season and the start of the Playoffs -trades will take effect from Sat. January 9th, 2021)

Trades must be submitted to me by e-mail to my BLM fantasy games address or PM from here (TFP forum) before the start of the first game of play-offs. (Colts@Bills) 1:05pm US ET / 6:05pm GMT).

You can change up to 3 players but your team must remain within the budget of $57m . You may only choose players from the players list here: NFL Players List (Gridiron Game) 2020/21

However, any players not listed you can request and I will add them - price will be based on a number of factors - team depth chart listing, season ranking and all number of other factors to try and be fair.

You must have submitted your trades to reach me before the start of the first game of the Play-Offs (which is 6:05pm UK time Saturday 9th January 2021) . Any problems or queries don’t hesitate to contact me.

If everyone submits their trades to me earlier, I can get everyone’s final line-ups posted up before the play-off games start (which is preferable).

Rules to take note of now are Head Coaches score 6 points for post season wins and all points are doubled for the Super Bowl itself (meaning winning Head Coach of S/B will score 12 points for that game).

Best Regards,

bluelionman (Noel Symonds)

PS For those of you that have done badly this season in this game or even those of you doing well and that like this game there is a stand-alone Play Off version of this game - deatails can be found here (link will be added here when I post live on TFP Forum later today).

The latest up to date standings table with scores up to and including NFL Week 17 with Head Coach bonuses can be found over at Google Sheets by following this link: Gridiron Game (Season Long) 2020/21 - Standings Table

You can see all current team line ups here (scroll to the right for the latest line ups after last trade window = columns T - W ):

Gridiron Game (Season Long) 2020/21 - Entered Teams

I’m running out of time doing everyone’s last minute trades and entries for the Playoffs only version of this game so posting my teams before first playoff game starts here now to show there’s no funny business.

Here are my trades (in yellow) for the final window in the season long game:

I will post a link to everyone’s teams as soon as I’ve typed them out.

Gridiron Game (Season Long) 2020/21 - Final Standings Table


I will be running this game again next season - new players always welcome - as well as retruning players.