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NFL fan pub video (16) going inside the number on Zac Stacy

A great video with upgraded intro and I hope the best content out there!!

You be the judge

Ps this ones for Jon !! Sounds like a super bowl winning statement anyway enjoy!!

That’ssome quick work!
In the office at the moment but I will take a look tonight…

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Stacey has been given no signing bonus and I would think is only on the roster as insurance against Ridley not recovering in time. I would think the Jets will use him heavily in pre-season and maybe try and trade him for more than the 7th they gave the Rams, subject to Ridley.

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That makes sense to me!! Majicman

Love the upgraded graphics - you can take over when the BBC goes bust!

Absolutely agree about the 4 way committee for NYJ - though I have Stacy’s stat line for the year slightly higher than you. I rate him as an RB4 in our 16 man league - a bye week or flex slot rather than a starter, but I would be surprised if he wasn’t drafted by someone in Redhill…

Well with a league as deep as ours I’m sure your right!!

Thanks for watching and the comments