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NFL fan pub video (14) Can Streaming Work

The question was asked !!


LOL you still have the live draft lanyard from year 1 :smile:

Yes and my league and division tags

Sad I know

Like it Sean, thanks for answering the question. I think I would agree, certainly to the extent that streaming becomes much harder in a bigger league.

You touched upon the idea of pairing up picks, which is something I worked on a bit last year - especially around picking 2 late round QBs’ but it would work just as well with defences. A simple example - in 2014, you could hold off on the elite QBs, use those early picks on RBs and WRs, and get Philip Rivers at maybe pick 100 and Geno Smith at 200. Because of the SD and NYJ schedules, you could play a QB with home advantage in 15 weeks of the 16 weeks fantasy season (week 9 was the only time both sides were away). Lots of other little match ups like that happen every year, where two teams fixtures mesh quite nicely!

Oh and by the way Dean, I have also still got the lanyard of course - a prized souvenir!

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Interesting theory there Jon…

Good stuff Jon very insightful