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NFL fan pub (17) explaining man and zone defence

It was asked for and so I went for it!!

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Well done Sean, really love the classy touches to the start and end of the video and it was filled with really good information that many could benefit from. I found your thoughts on corners particularly interesting, especially as there is that on-going debate between CBs as to who is the best and that in many opinions comes down to whether a pure cover corner like Sherman can be the defined as the best when he never plays man. Many of the top corners (and I agree) suggest that to be defined as the best you need to be the CB that plays the best WR the entire game such as Patrick Peterson. Its all v interesting too as of course this detail plays into teams draft picks also as a team like the seahawks would love a player like Marcus Peters who does not have high class speed so would not be able to play man especially well but would make an excellent zone corner as besides his speed he has excellent coverage and adjustment skills along with ball tracking ability. Other teams who play man a lot more than the hawks would obviously rate Peters much lower on their boards.

Did you enjoy making this? If so how about one that covers off the offensive positions including the x, y and z receivers etc.


Back in the day I played qb for the london capitals and on defence corner…
Use to have good closing speed and good hands.
So yes I played both ways lol
Yes it was fun to do and I was thinking about going into the offence in a similar way I have my old play books.

Some of the plays I helped create …thanks for the suggestion

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Wow - your a dark horse I’ve never played - would of loved that experience!

Where did the Capitals play
I went to a few britball games in my time
I remember one game where a returner was tripped up and all hell breaking loose! It might have been the capitals or the Blitz

East Ham Shani the old coppits ground !!

1989-1991 a long time ago

This is great stuff. Well Done

Could well be Plaistow I remember being tube we got off at
Also right era!
There’s a fair chance I might have seen you play without knowing it at the time?