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NFL Fan Meet in Southampton

Hi folks,
British Teal (@britishteal) are doing some good work organising and publicising get-togethers for gridiron fans in the UK. They have had pub nights in Cambridge and Manchester recently, and now I am helping organise one next Thursday, July 30th, in Southampton.
If you are in or around Southampton - come along!
If you are further away, then do what I did, get in touich with British Teal and organise one of these yourself :slight_smile:

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Very very good great work on who ever organised these

Thanks for the heads up, could be interesting, what exactly should I expect if I make the journey?

If only you had some of the business cards to hand out - site needs more patrons and I need more signups for my big daddy IDP live offline NFL draft league.

Cheers for the comments guys. I posted a link to this thread in the British Teal Facebook page, and I will certainly talk up this site and the fantasy games.
As a first attempt at this there are no real expectations - 7 people have said on Facebook that they are coming (thats since I posted lastnight, so should be more added over next week). Just want to meet new people and talk some football and have a beer. Hopefully there will be one or two people who are enthusiastic and prepared to set up a Facebook page for the group or a pick em game for the season or whatever.
Will update on here as I hear more!

Thanks Jon,

Will see where I am that week, spending most of my days in Yorkshire at the mo. I was one of the unlucky ones that got caught in the mad traffic tonight on my way home so I did what one always does when its pouring down and stuck in traffic… Wind down the window, turn up the tunes and sing ones heart out.

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Traffic was gridlocked here in Southampton. Took 45 mins to get 1.5 miles home in the pouring rain, would have been quicker on a space hopper…

haha not even seen one of them for a while, do they still sell?

Yours for under a tenner mate!

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Haha might just bring one to the draft

Apparently they are still used by people in getting from A to B and in some cases as getaway vehicles…

Only in Scotland, right… :confused:

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