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NFL Draft Round 1

So the 1st round is over… So we now get to wait with baited breath for the next round to start later on.

Personally I am quite pleased with the Steelers taking Dupree. I was hoping that it would be a defensive player ideally for the secondary but as soon as he slid outside the top 10… I think that he will really bring some power and speed to the outside pass rush. (Fingers crossed at least)

It was quite good fun to watch the draft with the quarterback squabble at 1 and 2, Dallas not taking a running back and the whole prospect of who is going to trade up and who isn’t.

Even Sky were banking on the likes of AP or Rivers getting traded until quite late in the day. It was good to see a really balanced draft. Seems a lot of teams have lost big weapons or need upgrades.

So, what did you make of the draft results and how do you think your team has done in Rnd 1…

Lot of surprises!!
My own team took gurley this is the ultimate boom or bust!!
I love the guy but his injury is going to have me worried for him every play…
If he can avoid further injury this year could be the start of something.
Equally don’t give up on tre mason just yet if you take gurley in a draft handcuff him with tre.
Several picks surprised me especially detroit that was bloody odd!!

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Round 2 is live for free on NFL.com here for any of you that are interested and don’t have Sky or other ways to see it:


Hi Guys,

Its going to be interesting to see how Dupree transfers to the NFL, he is apparently a gym rat that could power past offensive line players at the college level. Cant wait to see if he has mental part of the game down to continue bieng a success at the next level.

I felt that the Rams reached a little with Gurley but as pointed out, if that injury turns out to be in the past it could prove to be a special pick.

As for my team, the Saints. I did not expect OL to be the first choice but Peat looks like a solid if not dull pick. A little like Gurley its going to be interesting to see how the 3rd pick at 2.12 ( Hau’oli Kikaha ) copes in the NFL with the physical challenge as he has torn the same ACL twice now and came back strong each time. He led the country in sacks and according to SP he will play in Junior Gallette’s position. Finally I’m surprised we did not take a WR!

Not as surprised as I am my team didn’t select a WR at all! :open_mouth: #firsttimeforeveything

I agree there. It will be good to see how he transfers to the NFL and reach his potential. Overall I think it was quite a good draft.

Hopefully Gurley can move on from the injury too. Another good prospect.I recall the saints first pick being quite underwhelming to the audience at the draft… It just all went quiet. Hopefully though he can come through and prove them wrong.

As for the Lions, its anyone’s guess as to why the didn’t take a WR from the draft. A lot of talent was in there for the mix. it will be interesting to see how many teams fill gaps in the free agency of this class.

I guess the downward slide towards the season starts here then…

Yeh nothing that seasons still a darn long way off, at least its on the other side of summer… Makes it a little easier I guess