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NFL Divisional Winners Betting

Howdy doodly neighborinos,

I’ve found my way here via BLM’s auction game which I’m looking forward to. Been lurking for a week or 2.

So I’m looking at the odds for divisional winners and like the look of the Steelers topping the AFC North at 2/1 and the Cowboys taking the NFC East at 6/4. The double is 13/2.

You gotta like Steelers offense to do the job and with all sorts of question marks around the Eagles I think the Cowboys are the front runners there.

Solid double?

Hi fella and welcome!

Nice question but my answer would be no, not a solid double. Teams with defenses that are either rubbish or in transitional mode like the Steelers don’t often win divisions. Topping that off with no bell for 3 games and it gets tough to imagine the steel curtain winning the div. That said good luck!

I agree with Gordon

Steelers I love but not a lock to win that division !!

Thanks lads, yeah their D needs to improve and at 2/1 nothing’s a lock. Bell won’t miss any divisional match ups at least but he’ll be a miss. Value elsewhere? Cardinals are 7/1, panthers 9/4…

You know who I like Giants no one is really looking at them…
Dallas run game looks to be a mess…lets see what happens as they start the new season…
Eagles off season was in my view a disaster Bradford, Sanchez and tebow could be the worst trio of qbs ever…
I like Bradford but his health issues massive concern.
Now if I’m playing Dallas I focus on dez Bryant I don’t respect the run or williams …
The Giants have great pieces in play and the addition of vereen is a master stroke…
The odds would be quite tasty I think and make an interesting double.

Think Giants are 4/1. The whole JPP thing is a bit of a mess but offense looking good. Like u say Vereen adds another piece and even Cruz might be fit for week 1.

Dallas must be very confident that anyone can run from behind that offensive line cos McFadden was particularly brutal last year. Hardy’s suspension getting reduced is a bonus. Picking up 2 1st rounders that fell in Gregory and Collins could be big too.

Roll on September

I think those odds on the double are quite reasonable - reflecting that it’s basically the Steelers or Ravens for the AFC North and the Cowboys should be favourites in their group (I think people are rating the Eagles too highly).

I think the Cowboys will be fine without Murray. He’s good, sure, but no way was he the 4th best player of the year or the best RB last season. He made 4.7yds/run behind a stellar O-line, whereas Arian Foster averaged 4.8yds behind one of the worst offensive lines in the league - he more or less was the Texans’ entire offense. Murray’s prolific stats came down to grinding out small gains with the occasional break. He had 25% more attempts than Foster so that was pretty much the biggest factor in their stats difference.

Of course, it’ll be interesting to see how Dallas’ new RBs do and how Murray does at the Eagles, maybe he was the main ingredient. I don’t think American Football works like that though.

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The Giants took a serious knock when they lost Manning’s blind side protector!

Bengals 5/2
Falcons 5/2
Chiefs 9/2

66/1(ish) treble

Get rich quick

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Could happen alright. Question marks over Denver and Manning give the Chargers and Chiefs a big shout there. I even stuck £20 on the Raiders at 40/1 last month, obviously out of a sense of duty more than anything else but the AFC West is wide open I reckon.